It Is The Little Things

It has been two days since I played with Teacher. Yesterday (I'm ignoring it is past midnight it is still Thursday as far as I am concerned) there was nary a mark on my wrist, but today as I was typing at work I looked down and there was a big ass rope rash on my right wrist. If I wasn't in the middle of an open office I would have licked it. I know I've written about this several times before, but the aftermarks of a scene are just as pleasureable for me as the scene itself. Likewise, I like the feeling I have in my pussy the day after a hard fucking. It is not unlike the feeling I had when I first lost my virginity.

My lone full length mirror is in my bedroom, which is pretty dark even with the lights on and windows open. It's an old, old house. So today, and boy is this something you can't really share except on a blog like this, I took my pocket mirror to the ladies room at work where the light is cruely bright and took a looksee at my ass. There on my tush were various black and blue marks, a few welts, and well a huge grin on my face.

I've been having fantasies of Teacher sending me to another Dom in a skirt and making me pull up my skirt to show off his work, then the other Dom not only admires Teacher's prowess, but rubs my ass and decides to add a bit of his own art to my bottom as a thank you to Teacher.

When I was a little girl I often instigated "show me your panties and I'll show you mine" oh how I'd love to have a fellow female sub to play "show me your bruises and I'll show you mine!"


Kinky Aoefe said...

I love marks. My newest encounter with my new fellow left me marked. He was shocked I liked them. (his past expereince was rather gentle). I love to check and see how the marks are progressing daily. I like the idea of I'll show you mine and you show me yours it's kind of hot! *grin*


DL's toy said...

"the aftermarks of a scene are just as pleasureable for me as the scene itself" Hell Yeah!! Me too.

i know this all too well. Mmm... i hate when they disappear.

You ever have intentional rope burn? isn't it insane? *big grin*

This made my eyes gloss over.

ps- count me in (if my Owner says it's okay, of course!!)