Last night my computer bit the dust. Long boring story I spent most of last night and today attempting to fix it, It worked 1x, crashed again, then again, I'm on the 3rd time. I'm on it now, but I'm not holding my breath. It is embarrassing old. Sadly, I'm not within even the realm of getting even a tin can and two strings. Suze Orman would laugh me off her show.

I've been beside myself, I could barely sleep and then giving up I spent a lot of time sulking. I didn't realize how much an extension of myself this fucking machine is. Teacher and I still email several times a day, the computer is the one thing other than sex that truly relaxes me. It be difficult to maintain this blog, since my only other access is at work and the library not sex blog friendly places. Not to mention the other blog I write for under my real name. I can go on for hours how much the Internet has changed my life in positive ways. There are plenty of people who could survive without a computer, but I am just not one of them and I'm not being a brat. It is true.

So I'm just a fucking basket case today Honestly it has made me very upset. If I am not around for a bit, that is why. I am praying something positive will occur, but in the meantime I'm just going to be treading on water here folks.

Woe is me


Kinky Aoefe said...

OH! I feel bad for you. I can totally understand why this situation bites for you. Were it to happen to me, I'd be one sorry chickie.


Slave2JS said...

i know i would be completely LOST without my computer.

Hoping you'll be back soon!