Bizzaro Spanking Tale

Computer is hanging by a thread, but I'm here.

I heard a story today that I just HAVE to share. Of course all names, and a few details have been changed.

Some background.
Tracy is one of the most hilarious people I know. She is in her late 20s, pretty neurotic, and well crazy as shit. I still adore her. Lord knows I'm no saint. Tracy dated a fellow named Bob for several tumultuous years. During the course of this relationship she was a basket case and subsequently caused oodles of drama not only in her relationship with her boyfriend, but also with her family with whom she was living at the time, as well as some friends. Her family is also hilarious,
and time spent with her and her siblings you are guaranteed to be in stitches.

The other day I went out to dinner with Tracy, one of her brothers and his girlfriend. Over dinner the topic of getting into trouble as children came up. We all shared war stories about our parents spanking and grounding us.

Tracy spoke up and said, "Well I actually got spanked pretty recently"
we all got quiet, "It was when I was dating Bob." At that moment I thought she was going to tell us a tale of a kinky evening with Bob. I actually slept with him myself years ago, I don't recall him being anything but Vanilla, but he did have an extremely long cock.
"So I was still living at home and you guys know how fucking crazy and hysterical I was. I don't remember what the hell I did, but I got spanked."
Holy shit, I knew this would be good.
"So Mom held me down, and both Dad and Ted (one of her other brothers) spanked me. It hurt like shit, but I'm sure I deserved it."
The table went silent. Her brother looked mortified, I spoke up. "Wow I didn't know people got spanked by their parents that late in life."
"Well I was living in under their roof." I guess there is a small point there, but when I was stuck living with my parents around the same age they just screamed at me.

Mind you the whole time I was listening, I couldn't help but think how twisted it was for a 20 year old to still get spanked by her parents, but more importantly how I couldn't wait to share the story with my kinky readers! I figured some of you guys might appreciate it and perhaps use it for some fantasy fodder.

photo from Whipped Ass


Anonymous said...

i always find it hard to believe that stories like this are true. i always feel like there's just some fantasy-laden person needing to get it out there. but now you're making it seem real. it's almost creepy... but also definitely fodder for fantasy.