I had a delicious time with Teacher last night. Nothing particularly Halloweenesque other than a bunch of candles lighting up my apt, but that is always the case. I greeted him in a Harley Davidson T-shirts sans bra, lace boy shorts and heels, but even that is not out of the ordinary.
He did tell me I looked "gorgeous" which did light up my room beyond the candles!

What made it so delicious, so scrumptious was just our connection. We discussed everything from religion to politics to sex. In this regard, I definitely consider him a teacher as well. We differ on many issues, but he presents his case in such a way that I do not get upset. In general, I've never bought into that "respect your elders" bullshit as I've ran into many elders with the maturity of a 13 year-old, but is not the case with Teacher.

Our sex too was delicious. He brought, damn it I forgot the name again, the "horse stick" maybe it is a crop--a long leather stick with a tiny tail at the end. After some bare handed spanks I got a good walloping with the crop. Later in the evening I was playing with it and learned that I he had apparently taken it easy on my tush. Being the sauce pot that I am, I told him to give it a go, holy shit just one whack send me reeling onto my bed and him cracking up. I still want more. I also found a great position for me to come, it is no Karma Sutra tangle, but while he penetrated me, his leg also grazes my clit. My oh my my muscles clamped on that cock like a lion on a mouse!

So while I was not hanging from the rafters nor crying for mercy the entire time, it was one of those evenings where I fell asleep with a big smile.


Her Master's Voice said...

Yours is one of the sites I get my wife to read. I'm trying to get her to add her voice to my blog that records our Journey together. So you're a great help. Thanks.

Have linked to you. Link back? (


It is a crop full name - Riding Crop. Sounds like a great way to spend Halloween.


{milla} said...

I'm not sure, the tail sounds more like a dressage whip?