This Is Why I'm Hot...

Been a few days since I've seen Teacher, my hormones are raging and I have a major case of "sexbrainitis." I was just thinking of a few things that really get me hot:

In no order:

  • Seeing the outline of a man's hard or hardening cock through his pants.
  • Tracing the outline of a man's cock with my hands through his pants and making him moan
  • Seeing a dot of pre-cum on a man's pants or underwear from getting him hot from tracing the outline of his cock with my hands.
  • Dirty talk, particularly dirty talk whispered in my ear.
  • Having my neck nibbled on
  • Being told what to do, commanded, etc.
  • Seeing/feeling a man wanting to protect me. For instance I told Teacher about a creep who was following me around and I could see that visibly pissed him off, and he went on to tell me ways to protect myself.
  • Seeing guys getting ready to fight, all bowed up, chests out. I don't really like fighting but the pre-fight is pretty hot. See: "Fight Club"
  • Male facial hair & stubble. Nothing better than a mustache ride ladies!
  • Teacher's smell, it's more clean than cologne. I don't know if he even really wears anything but deodorant
  • Intense eye contact
  • All regular readers know I love me some spankings, pain, etc.
  • Large BRAINS!
  • Looking up, physically to a man. Nothing makes me feel more feminine than that
  • Wearing heels, getting girly gets me juices flowing
  • My favorite perfume that I discovered this summer, sorry I can't reveal, just a spritz makes me think of Teacher, sex, sex with Teacher. I bought it probably a few weeks before we met. I attach a lot of memories to fragrance.
  • Hot'n'Heavy make-out sessions. Just because you're older, have your own pad doesn't mean you can't make out like did when you were 16.
  • Hair pulling
  • Girl/Girl porn more so than Guy/Girl porn. There just are not many hot dudes in porn. In particular a good Lesbian orgy scene is hot, some muff is always cool. These are always girly girls, not butch chicks. I have seen a few gang bang scenes that were hot, but not that many. Also,I'm currently intrigued by fisting, squirting,and clitoral pumping. Big tits, real ones not fake. Trashy whores. Amateur porn. Facial scenes don't do it for me, but I do love...
  • Cum. I love to see a man come.
  • Cum on my tits
  • Cum in my mouth
  • Cum trickling down my back
  • Cum in my pussy
  • Being a little tease
  • Writing my blog has often gotten me hot
  • All the blogs I read--see my blog rolls!

Things that turn me off: Nancy Grace, wrap around hair, men in bald denial with small ponytails "tidy whities," ignorance, the Harry Potter books, holiday sweaters, Vienna sausages, men who drink girly drinks, girls who drink girly drinks, chicklit, excessive usuage of "lol," Tila Tequila, Dina Lohan, and Sandra Oh, "Young Hollywood" douche bags like Brody Jenner,Sean Stewart, and Spencer from the Hills, Mary Kay cosmetics, country crafts, carob, TVP, clowns, especially sad clowns, most of the people at work, folding chairs, housework, Speedos, socks and sandals, cat obsessives, Precious Moments, and liars.

OK, must go masturbate- now


Kinky Aoefe said...

Great list, I'm glad you could share it. And I watched the girl on girl porn clip you have on your other blog thingie, and I thought it was HOT!