What an Asshole!

Had a wonderful evening with my Teacher tonight, he has a lot of crap going on in his life right now and I know our times together give him time to chill out and relax. The guy is truly fucking hilarious, which to me is an added bonus, plus he totally gets my absurd sense of humor. That all said, we did not do any heavy BDSM stuff tonight, but had some hot monkey love nonetheless.

I had anticipated Teacher pollinating my pink flower, so I was ready to go-which means I purposefully did not eat anything for dinner except for a candy bar. Silly, I know. What I did not anticipate was how fucking hot I got giving him head. As I've revealed before, I love giving blow jobs, but tonight it truly got me riled up. We hadn't gotten into full animal mode, so I started at a nice slow pace, steadying myself with one hand under his ass, lifting him up to my mouth as I kneeled from the foot of my bed, and then bam, I took teacher down my throat, all of him, tears streaming down my face, eyeliner running, slobbery delcious cock in my mouth. Hearing his moans made me even more enthusiastic, and while I did not cum, I was utterly turned on......flash foward to me lying against him, holding on to his arm, my face in his chest, and a cool dribble of Astroglide slide down my ass.

He teased my asshole for quite some time, just gliding his finger over it as he sucked on my breasts, then I felt the finger enter, a little, then a little more. It felt good, definitely, but different that I had remembered (mind you the other experiences I was totally loaded on booze, possibly coke, not sober as I was tonight). I could feel him move his fingers around, it was definitely a different feeling than the same thing inside my pussy, as he probed I got incredibly, incredibly wet, but at the same time was still unused to the movement going on in my bottom. Ultimately, my "jealous pussy" as Teacher said, was the one who got the cock tonight, but that is ok, because this is just the beginning of my training to be his anal slut.

Oh yeah, there was a nice spanking in there somewhere, in fact I was pretty proud of myself as I, for the first time, did not pull back my ass to avoid the slap. I teased Teacher telling him, that perhaps my ass is getting too tough, which means next time I'm going to get the beating of my life!

Taking our time with all this has actually been very cool. Not only do I get to hone my skills under Teacher's guidance, but I also have the pleasure of heated anticipation. The waiting provides me with mucho masturbatory material and I'm consistenatly clamoring for more!


A Nawty Mouz said...


Just don't make us wait to hear about it. Your ass is going be to itching for it.



Curvaceous Dee said...

Great post, but the phrase 'pollinating my pink flower' made me flinch. Not a turn of phrase that works for me, that's for sure :)

xx Dee

Sub Nouveau said...

Dee, I appreciate your honesty. You know, it made me laugh when I wrote it because it is so ridiculous, but I guess it didn't come across that way. It is uber cheesy. Anyway, too late to change it. Well, not really, but what the hell.

Nawty, you wont'wait long!