The List

I came across a list last night, a checklist for a Dom & Sub to go over to review limits, etc. Teacher & I have discussed a good chunk of the list verbally, but I went ahead and cut and pasted it into an email, along with silly comments, questions, and legit answers. For instance, I am not interested in being Teacher's ash tray, animal cat, dog or pony. Well I do purr sometimes, which is odd since I am a notorious anti-feline advocate. I wasn't entirely negative, on the list were a few things that I said yes to, including bondage under clothing in public, and butt plug wearing in public. On the topic of age play I pointed out that is our situation by default. He's my dirty old man and I'm his sweet young thang, though I am many years past "Barely Legal" status.

I'm so used to men not actually listening, nor taking hints, it didn't even occur to me that Teacher might take me up on my "yes'" and "negotiable." So tonight as he was leaving my apt, he said "So, you're interested having your breasts bound while we go out to dinner."
"Um, under clothes (I'm thinking big ass sweatshirt)"
His blue eyes twinkled. "Well," I said, "as long as it is a good dinner." Mind you I know half the waitstaff, chefs, and kitchen crews in my medium-sized city, so he has no idea (well until he reads this) how fucking nerve wracking, and feasibly hot that will be for me. "So, how do you feel about going shopping with a butt plug in?"

"Let's get to the dick first," (tomorrow people--we had a short visit tonight) "and then I will" Shopping! I'm such a girly girl when it comes to that shit. I'll drink PBR, smoke and curse like a trucker, but mention shopping it turns into a Disney vision in my mind with birds singing on my shoulder as I am decked out in a pink gown. I'll wear *two plugs if he takes me shopping (for me of course, not to Home Depot for a rake for his garden)!

*Actually he mentioned a remote controlled vibrating butt plug, so I think one will be plenty.

picture from luckymojo an awesome, and incredibly detailed site of various occult and voodoo products you will spend hours on there if you click that link, I shit you not. I found it by looking up some blues lyrics.