For the Record

I'm so flattered right now, Jefferson, the most fuckable and fucked man on the Internet, asked me if I had any requests for his Smut Turntable(his primary blog is One Life, Take Two). I certainly did, and he kindly posted it.

I'm a total music nut, a music snob at times. I informed Teacher a few weeks ago that he was the first person I've slept with that I did not inquire about their musical tastes before I fucked them. I don't care if you've got a 20 foot cock and the face of an angel, if you listen to lame faceless shit like Creed or your idea of good rock music is the Counting Crows, chances are high that you will not get any play from this slut. Teacher likes classical music, so I can handle that. Damn, now that I think of it, I should have requested the Stones' " Little T & A" but I didn't. "She's my little rock'n'roll...." (posted below, what the hell! KEEF!)
Open note to Jefferson, check this out Dale Bozzio has a new solo record being released next week. Sadly, she has grown up to look a bit like Victoria Gotti in latex. I was unable to find the Terry Bozzio Playgirl photos. If anyone has any scans of them, please email them to me via the email address on the sidebar. In the interim, I'll pick up some pickled pigs feet for you at the grocery store to make up for it.


Jefferson said...

Now, there's a rocking ditty. Thanks!

Bonnie said...


My husband has always been partial to this one.


Sub Nouveau said...

Bonnie, your husband has good taste. That song still holds up. I always wanted a plastic bra like that, and that body!

Another sexy song from that era, when I was just hitting puberty--