To Catch A Thief

Some moron ripped off Teacher's "toolkit" out of his car. Not all, but most of his arsenal was ripped off...floggers, clamps, etc. Plus two books I had given him. He's been a lot more good humoured about it than I would be. Mind you I am pretty hot headed, but it just yet another reminder of how many assholes inhabit our planet. It is a good argument for Eugenics. Who knows maybe the thief was a brilliant, yet desperate meth-head.

You got to admit it is pretty fucking funny to think what the thief's reaction was when he opened the toolkit. I'm sure was expecting a computer or something of that ilk. I don't think you can pawn leather cuffs, but you sure can have a good time. Let's just pray he uses them wisely.

So, now that Teacher's tools are missing and he's going to have replenish them, I'm going to put a few suggestions out here. I'm good at shopping. OK, they're not my toys to be replaced, but what the hell. I say function AND fashion!

1. Suede & Fur Blindfold from Black Label, In Red:

2. Ok, these are ultra expensive, but look how gorgeous these butt plugs are! Plus they are probably a cinch to clean!

3. Not stolen, but we've discussed the need for a spreader bar, unlike most women I tend to want to keep my legs closed, this adjustable one comes with cuffs, which got swiped.

4. I'm such a fucking girl, but I promise I'm cute. So I can't help that I like these pink cuffs. I'm sure he's going to laugh. All they're are missing is Hello Kitty & they'd be totally "kawaii'' One can dream:

5. Another thing that attracts my girly side. I never went through a "horsey" phase, but Mr. Ed is one of my favorite televisions shows! Anyone have any experience with horse hair?

6. The crook even took the lube! I think this Boy Butter lube looks fab! Part of a complete breakfast of hot ass!

7. And well it is not equipment, but I'd like to think as Teacher's doll he'd like to dress me up in this (which I can't capture the image of, sadly), as it would be perfect on my curvy bod!

Screw you crooks! We're not going to let you bad guys keep my guy from taking care of this bad girl!


Purple Angel said...

It is inexcusable to steal someone's toys. I think you have certainly found some outstanding replacements. Those butt plugs are to die for!!
Purple Angel