Tomorrow will be the end of a brief, but oh so long dry spell for me and Teacher. We have a little rendez-vous planned that has rendered me a giddy mess. I've been walking around all day with this shit-eating grin on my face. From what I gather he has big plans for me, I have an inkling, but not entirely.

What I do know is, from what he has told me, is that I will be taking a step over the threshold on to the path of being a submissive. His submissive.

He called me his "sub vamp" tonight and, well, I just melted. I love being his personal bombshell. I adore flirting with him. I love being his slut. I love how he manhandles me. God, there is nothing like being held down and having the livign daylights fucked out of you by a tough man. Nothing!

I'm up late, my nails are drying because there is somethign utterly sexy about painted nails around a hard cock, and I most certainly plan on shoving Teacher's shaft as far down my throat as possible, my face next to his stomach, his balls encased in my other hand. Though, from what I gather, I may not have access to my hands, but it is the thought that counts.

To bad my nails are wet, because I honestly want to go take of this wet pussy I've acquired while writing this.

I'll share all the sordid details later this week.