Lesson 3 - Thank You Home Depot

For ten minutes I struggled getting my stockings attached to my garter belt. I was determined. I'd get one side attached and the other side would pop off. There is nothing more unattractive than seeing a woman trying to get on a pair of pantyhose (well pantyhose fetishists may disagree), jumping around doing what I call "the pantyhose" dance. Well, I was doing stocking yoga. Finally all strapped and lacquered up, I was a sweaty mess and I am not a sweaty person. Deciding to go full on slut, I gilded the lily with a swipe of M.A.C. Red across my mouth.

My mouth.
Moments into Teacher greeting me in the parking lot, he gave me a deep, hot kiss and I painted his blondish-grey mustache bright red and apparently I looked like Robert Smith. So much for tramping it up.

Lipstick smears were the least of my worries, I knew Teacher had a lot in store for me. The anxiety of the unknown coupled with my adoration for him made me a horny little mess.

As always the chronology of the evening is a bit of jumble, but so be it.

I got up on the bed on my knees so I could kiss Teacher comfortably. He's a tall man and well, I'm vertically challenged. He grabbed my head and pulled me towards him, when he kisses it is like he is infusing me with his soul. I tremble every time, I don't think anyone else has made me moan when they have kissed me. Truly.

Teacher quickly unbuttoned my blouse, revealing my black lace demi bra. He yanked down the bra cups exposing my breasts, taking his time giving each nipple the attention they deserved. His tenderness was most certainly not a foreshadowing of what was to come.

I pulled down my skirt to show him the results of my ten minutes of struggling. He admired my work, and said he more than happy to allowed me to keep my stockings and boots on. The panties I wore with the garter & stockings, those quickly disappeared.

"Sit on the edge of the bed X"

I obeyed.

He went to his case and retrieved some rope and some hooks, or latches, I forgot what they were called.

This was going to be interesting.

Like the time before, I sat quietly and watched as he took his time wrapping the rope around each wrists. The entire time I was thinking how lucky I was to find someone who took pride in his work. He locked each bound wrist behind my back with the latches that were connected to the rope.

"Stand Up!"

I did. I knew he had gone to the Home Depot to pick up a few things to replace what was stolen. He had spent the day making a spreader bar in his workshop, but had accidently left it behind. So what else he had conjured up was unknown to me.

More rope in hand, he proceeded to do the same to my ankles, I struggled to look over my shoulder to watch.

He went back to his case and brought out a ball gag.

A gag. I knew this was coming. I had tried to mentally prepare myself for it. I'm so verbal. I am also one who has had her anxiety manifest itself in bouts of thinking I can't breathe. I don't tell him this. I am going to be a good sub. His good sub.

He places the blue rubber ball my mouth and ties the black string behind my head.

This is not bad, I think as I taste the rubber on my tongue and push my teeth into the ball. I can handle this. My heart is racing. My mind is racing. I am going to be a good sub, I am going to be his good sub.

Back to the case, he comes out with some clothespins. More newness. My only encounter with clothespins in my life was a summer spent working at a New England bed and breakfast hanging up wet sheets that were wrung through a horrible vintage washing machine. I had my fingers pinched a few times. How was this going to feel on my tits?

I breathed in, and out, trying to remember that I could breathe through my nose. Was I hyperventilating?

He took each breast and attached three (?) clothespins across each one my nipples. My large and now tender nipples which are light brown and the size of a silver dollar.

My terror is worse than the pain of the clips. I think I can handle this. I am going to be a good sub. I am going to be Teacher's good sub.

At this point I am lying down, starting to relish everything. The attention Teacher has devoted to me. My breathing is still heavy, and I'm certain I was making some hideous sounds through the gag, but when I felt the pressure of him tugging my labia to attach more clothespins, I did not feel any pain. This, I think is what the proverbial "they" have been talking about. I know that their are clothes pins on my pussy but it doesn't hurt any more.

He pulled me up and guided my bound self to the the full-length mirror. He is behind me.

"Look at yourself X," he said as he pulls my head to face reflection.
It was hard to do, but I did. I no longer recognize the woman in the mirror I know she is me,this bound, pinned and gagged person, but it is a me I have never known. I am blissed out, a tad scared, and very happy as Teacher pulls my head back onto his chest. "See how perfect you fit under me, see how gorgeous you look right now." I take another glimpse. It is a beauty I have never know. In all my years of slutting around I don't think I've ever seen myself in ecstasy in a mirror.

"Bend over!" Techer commanded.

I do. He proceeds to undo the clips that are holding my ankles and wrists together but rearranges them so I am clipped arm to ankle, arm to ankle.

The spanking begins.

I feel the weight of his thick fingers slapping my ass, over and over.

The weight changes and the spanking hurts even more, I am chewing the fuck out of the spit covered ball in my mouth that is stifling my cries. I don't know what he is spanking with me with until later that evening. It is a piece of wood "A 2x4" I joke with him, "No, a 1x6" Thank you Home Depot! I'm a squirmy bitch as usually, flailing around after each strike.

Then comes the equestrian whip thingie, Teacher as you read this please forgive me for not remembering what it is called. I call it that "horse stick" and all I know it is my favorite. Hilarious, I know. Each swat comes with a delicious sting, my tender ass. I'm not sure how much more I can take and for each strike I don' t think I can take I want more.

Lightheaded and horny the next thing I know is I'm lying back down.

He removes my gag. My jaw is stiff, I still feel like my mouth should remain open.

Teacher is now removing the clothespins, the clothespins that I have only noticed at this point as they smack my face as my tits swing towards me while I'm spanked.

Oh cool, this will feel much better. OH BOY WAS I WRONG!

As each pin was removed, hot pain flashed through me and my nipples were overcome with sensitivity. "Scream in my mouth," he said as he violently kissed me. As I feel his soft lips meeting mine, I felt the searing heat of the removal for the clothes pins. Scream in his mouth I did. He took his time. I was going to be a good sub. His good sub.

More clothespins. My cunt.

As he removed each pin the pulse of pain was replaced by his wet mouth chewing and licking my labia. Holy fucking shit. Until last night I had not had the pleasure of him going down on me.

Unused to having hours of undivided attention of a lover, his tongue grazing over my hard little clit was a lot to handle. As he went to town on my slit, his long hair tickled my thighs and his mustache added a special little treat to the whole affair.

Licking, and chewing and fucking my hot cunt with his tongue sent me into a fucking tailspin of an orgasm, causing my legs to clamp together almost crushing Teacher's skull. Sublime.

The evening had only just begun. I had to take care of my Teacher. His engorged prick was waiting for my mouth, and I was happy to take it all it, trying to angle his curves to my throat clawing at his ass pulling him closer to me. The taste of salty pre-cum only made me want to take in more of him, but I am pushed back.

My legs are pulled toward the edge of the bed where he is now standing, and proceeds to fuck the bloody daylights out of yours truly. Animalistic, hot sweaty fuck making me cum once again. Lucky for me, his thick cock is curved just so and the once elusive penetration orgasm is not so elusive anymore.

The rest of the evening we were a tangle of biting, fucking, clawing, spanking with some sweet pillow talk in between. I feel safe lying there next to Teacher, against his big barrel chest looking up to his blue eyes and his strong arms hugging me to his soul.

Waking up is usually a difficult task for me, but not this morning. Poor Teacher, (who I have deduced is not a morning person, )I was perky and horny, pawing at him sleeping like a cat wanting him to wake up to pet me.

He kindly administered a request to give me a good bye spanking. I pulled my skirt up and leaned over the bed, this time truly realizing the pleasure of the spanking for me is afterwards. I drove home with major fuck hair-tangles and dreads, a red ass, and a big smile. I was going to be Teachers good sub. Now I know I can.

At work today I made numerous trips to the bathroom at work today just to feel the warmth of the evening before.


Purposefully unedited by SubNouveau who is now so horny from thinking about all this she is going to have to go get her rub on.
ps. the lighting & self-portraiture do my ass marks any justice, oh well.


Anonymous said...

Tainted_vanilla from KJ here. As always. an abolute pleasure to read your blog. Would love to chat sometime. For now, I myself am left a tingly mess and shall be tending to that now. =0)

sub lyn said...

Mmmm... that was extremely hot to read. You were a very good sub indeed.