Never on a Sunday

I was puttering around the house singing "Never on a Sunday," which I was once subjected to on loop in a movie theater. Inspired, I thought I'd share some clips from some movies I love, they all don't necessary have BDSM themes, but they are all definitely pretty dark, and at times a bit subversive.

Peter Greenaway's "The Cook, TheThief, His Wife and Her Lover"

David Lynch's "Blue Velvet" Dennis Hopper is totally disturbing film, but I love this movie.

David Lynch's over the top adapation of the book "Wild At Heart". This scene where nasty ass Bobby Peru played by William DeFoe making Laura Dern cum is amazing!

"Secretary" If you haven't seen this yet, do!

David Cronenberg's adapation of my favorite book "Crash" by J.G. Ballard

Notice the abundance of James Spader? One must also see "Sex Lies & Videotape," he does that sexy WASP thing so well.