I Might Be A Pervert

I was going to get chopped to pieces. I just knew it. You always hear stories about Internet dates going awry. The woman meets the guy who then kidnaps her and ties her up. The thing was, though, that I was going with the intention of getting tied up. Bound by my permission.

He's twenty five or so years older than I am. He is eligible for Senior Citizens discounts. Perhaps I am the crazy pervert and he should be the one who is afraid.

Our intial meeting at a coffee house was a success. He left me with a deep kiss that I felt in my panties. Stil, I was nervous as fuck.

Motel room. I straighten my skirt and knock. I'm shaking like a leaf, certain I will buckle and he'll find me in a puddle at the door. I honestly don't know what to expect. Are we going to small talk or is he going to fling me down on the bed and fuck the living shit out of me.

He opens the door with his large hands. He's well over a foot taller than I am, a big strong man with long gray hair streaked with blonde, and gorgeous blue eyes. Dangerous eyes. A combination I am a sucker for. The age factor is negated by his youthful appearance and demeanor, but it makes it even dirtier than it already is.

He's my mentor, my sensai, my teacher. For the past couple of weeks he's educated me about BDSM and submission and now it is time for my first lesson. I want to be a good student. I never was in school, but then all my cocksucking was done outside of the classroom.

We kiss. We undress. I am already wet.

He takes me by the hands and has me sit down and we go over some basic rules. I'm shaking even harder now, visibly, somehow his voice soothes me. He goes into his briefcase and takes out two leather cuffs. They're too big. I'm dissapointed, but then secretly glad that maybe I, who am not too tiny, is smaller than his other bitches. Then he takes out some rope.

The rope is smooth, not the itchy hemp of my imagination and I am glad. Skillfully he wraps it around my wrists binding them together. I have never experienced this before. What the fuck am I doing? What did I get myself into, I think. I like this.

I was in such a state to be honest I don't recall what he said to me as I watch the cords be knotted, but then I am face down, ass up on the bed.

I felt his hand caress my ass. I think it was his hand.

1, 2, he walloped me. Once and again and again. My ass is burning, holy shit. My mind is a jumble of "I love this, this fucking hurts I am so turned on by fuck this fucking hurts" I take it. The spanking continues I don't know for how long, because I am higher than I have ever been in my entire life and I've done every drug except heroin.

As I lay there with my ass in the air I think about how he must be looking at my pussy, perhaps my asshole. I was certain my ass that must be red as the inside of me, that is now pulsing juice down my thighs. Actually it is blood. I am on my period, but it is agreed the show will go on. More perversion.

I want him inside of me. I have yet to touch his cock, but it is a nice long, thick, and curved affair that looks like it will hit me in the right places. I want to have him fill my cunt up with that cock.

The spanking stops.

I get my fill like the pervert that I am. Blood, cum, spit and sweat More straps to my sore ass. I'm a hot, happy sticky mess.

Now I sit here waiting for my punishment for being a perverted bad girl.


His pet said...

The great thing about being a perv is that you end up liking the punishments too. Great post!

Purple Angel said...

I love all things spanking. And even though I don't necessarily love serious punishments when they are occuring they make me as hot and wet as any fantasy play spanking. And if that makes me a perv, well hot damn and so be it!!
Thanks also for stoppping by my blog. I think yours is great
Purple Angel