Cutting Class and Skipping School

Growing up I was the instigator for skipping school, or finding some cockamamie excuse to cut class. I was pretty slick. Why waste a day indoors when you could go drive around, smoke weed, and make out with boys from another high school?

Go figure I still am the instigator of cutting class almost twenty years later.

I wasn't tardy to my lesson today. In fact I was anxious for my class to begin. I walked around in my new 6 inch spectator heels this morning, smoking cigarettes, watching the clock, and trying my damnedest not to touch my pussy. Something about wearing heels and being naked makes me feel like I can take on the world, it also makes me want to paw at myself. Self-control damn it, I wanted to save it all for my teacher and I did.

I met my dirty old man at the motel, the same chain of motels whgre I used to fuck my high school boyfriend when we'd skip school. I'll never forget his 16 year-old ass telling me, "One day I will be married, and you'll be my mistress." He cursed me for life. That's what you get for being a teen slut.

Teach and I had been emailing and talking all week. While we live in the same town, circumstances beyond my control i.e. his primary lover and well in my control--cleaning my apartment have kept us from seeing each other, so we've been longing for one another like we live on separate coasts.

Class did start as scheduled. (Well after we kissed, and kissed, and kissed. I have not enjoyed kissing this much in eons. We definitely have a groove.) This time he bound my hands behind my back. I wasn't as scared as the first lesson, but I was definitely was excited. I tried to look behind me to see him coil the rope just so. It is not a fast process, almost a ritual it seems and the anticipation is driving me nuts.

Second part of the lesson was being spanked over the knees. As instructed I laid across his lap as Teacher proceeded to slap my ass with his rough man paws. I was a squirmy little bitch, the sting of each smack had me flailing around. I honestly don't know if I was prepared for this discipline today, was too preoccupied thinking about getting fucked. But I'm no quitter and for every time his hand met my skin, I got more excited.

It is a bit of a sweaty blur.

I'm on my knees taking his lovely cock into my mouth, confused by not being able to use my hands to steady myself and to glide along his shaft. He pulled my face towards him, he was to be the guide this time. Not me. It is his dick after all.

My nipples are being held tight between his thumbs, I feel the moisture inside me starting to make its way out of my cunt. My tits are squeezed, pussy probed, and then I feel my labia being pinched, my long labia that I have finally accepted as being luscious in its asymmetry.

I've never had my labia pinched. Another new sensation. It hurts like a motherfucker.
I'm in bliss.

Somewhere amongst this, I am unbound. I guess he knew that I was not up for lessons, but for some nasty dirty sex.

He proceeded to fuck the living daylights out me. I asked to be fucked like I deserved to be fucked, and he held my hands back as he slammed himself into me from behind. The kind of fuck you feel that is going to rip right through your throat.

We continued like this for the afternoon in between moments of pillow talk. Funnily enough, as I laid back with is finger inside me, I mustered up the nerve to tell him something I wished to try and then I realized how fucking ridiculous it is to be shy when someone is all up your vagina. I confessed my wish to be fisted. Then we took into consideration his huge hands and my tight pussy, my pride and decide that it may not be feasible at this juncture. No problem as I am pretty damn satisfied with good ol' fashioned finger action and of course, his cock.

We never did really make it through my lesson. Hopefully detention will be a pain in the ass.