Getting Dressed

Just want to thank everyone who has given this blog a great kickstart!

This video of Bettie Page getting dressed, putting on stockings and some amazing high heels has inspired me to go get dressed for the workweek, but if you're home reading this maybe it will inspire you enjoy yourself!

I must note how easy it was for her to put on her stockings, I always have a difficult time with garter belts, but I think I picked up a little tip in this clip.

note:the timestamp is screwy on this thing, there is no way in hell i'd be getting ready for work at 4 in the morning!


Deity said...

sub nouveau,
i'm happy i stumbled upon your site. A Bettie Page movie first thing in the morning? Thank you very much!

My girl wears seamed stockings everyday, and she still struggles to get the seam straight. That Ms. Page was rather talented. Love those heels she wears.