The Ex

Mike my ex had a bit of a drinking problem, and subsquently an anger problem, but when we fucked it was always good. He wasn't a dom, but he was definitely dominant.
"You like it when I yell at you doncha?" He stopped in the middle of an argument. "It gets your panties wet."I guess I must radiate that because a male friend said something similar after another male pal yelled at me about something.
His long curly hair was out of it's ponytail for a change, and those damn tight Levi's he's worn for the 20 odd years we'd been friends were starting to strain around his cock, as he knew his anger had turned me on.
"Come over here, let me see those tits."I obliged, pulling my shirt and bra up without unhooking it."I'm going to fuck those titties." That shit makes me swoon."You're my cumslut aren't you?""Uh huh""I'm going to fuck your mouth now and you're going to like it you cumslut."I have never been a fan of mouth fucking, because I can give some pretty mean head, and when on my knees I can slide some cock down my throat pretty well, but when someone is thrusting their dick in my mouth without me being able to control is a whole other experience.
For some reason he could never get off just with intercourse, It would always end with me blowing him or him jerking off. I didn't mind though, because I love seeing a guy get off, jizzing all over my chest or face.
So he grabs me by my head and proceeds to use my head like a basketball on his cock. I can't, as I said, enjoy it like I do when I'm doing my best work, but he's getting off and I am starting to get a little wetter with each thrust in my throat. I look up at him, that turns me on. I learned that little trick from a male friend one night during a drunken interrogation another girl and I gave him. He recommended always looking the person you're sucking off in the eye. He was right, it worked, and I'm sure their is nothign sexier than my running eyeliner and sticky mouth.
I know men are visual. I love you men you pigs.
So he's pulling my hair and fucking my throat and I'm his cumslut and I tell him this as I gasp for air, a moment later a hot stream of his cum is pulsing into my mouth, I''m a swallower, but I know he loves to see it in my mouth so I make sure he sees the streams of it dripping down the side of my mouth before I make the wad dissapear forever. He hasn't eaten a vegetable in years and a smoker, his sperm is acidic, but I don't gag. I've never ever spit since I first gave a blowjob in high school and I won't ever.
This is scattered, I know but the one thing I got out of this unhealthy relationship is that I am a cumslut.I am.