The Marlboro Man

He slowly coiled the rope around my wrists, binding each to the matching ankle. Hogtied. I don't like that term, but what else can you call it. Anyway, it is more about how it looks, and feels, so call it what you will. How about "hot?"
Bound, forehead on matress, ass poised perfectly for the beating that I desperatedly wanted.
"I'm going to go grab a glass of water." I'll be right back.
I waited & waited. It could have been 3 minutes or 30. I laid still, listening to my breathing, listening for his footsteps.
Cold water drenched my body, soaking both my skin and the ropes. Ice cubes pelted me like bits of hail.
"Wake up baby!"
"I'm awake," I snorted through the wet hair that was plastered against my face.
"Cold water for a cold, frigid bitch." He was referring to my "headache" last night, which, was truly a headache, not the classic female out.
"I'm going to warm you up, you and that frozen pussy of yours." My pussy was already warming up.
I heard the click of his Zippo and the smell of the lighter fluid. I heard him take a drag of a cigarette. Phewwwwwwww..he exhaled the smoke in my face. I felt soft warm ashes hit my ass. Click. The lighter once again.
Hotness spilled down my back into the crook of my ass, down towards my exposed vulva. Wax.
"I'm warming my fridgid bitch up."
God I love wax
A gush of wax splashed my neck this time, creeping down my shoulders and towards my now hard nipples. I felt the heat and then the solidifciation.
Then I heard the Zippo click again.
"You're still cold," he breathed smoke in my face and ear, "I"m going to have to find another way to warm my frigid bitch up."The cigarette was no longer in his mouth but now in his hands, grazing across my ass like a piece of hot chalk.