Expert - In My Dreams

By no means am I expert in BDSM. Hell, I'm merely at the beginning of my journey. In my dreams, that is an entirely different story.

Dream A: was stuck at some late-night college party with loud music, dirty couches, wasted people and horny boys, my friend disappeared with some dude. My drunk ass was left on a couch, sitting on some bald light skinned black guy's lap, with a gaggle of frat boys pawing at me. I was arguing with one in particular who was belligerent, I didn't want him to touch me, but my protests are ignored. I don't leave. My shirt is pulled up and coke is sprinkled on my tits, and a finger forces its way into my mouth and swabs it on my gums, "you like it now bitch, doncha, lick it of your tits." I feel my gums numb up with the chemically delicious taste. They found my weakness. He forces my nipple up to my mouth and I oblige. Then belligerent boy takes out two feathered roach clips, and snaps them in my face, "These are going on those big nipples of yours"

"Dude, no they are not ,those are not really *nipple clamps!" In said dream, I know that I am going to be meeting with Teacher the next day and I don't need any fakery.

"What makes you an expert?" the asshole laughs hysterically , "Reeaaaaaaal nipple clamps ha!"
I, who have only had them on for a second in my life at this juncture, but will soon enough, go on to explain to these drunken fools who are ignoring me the different types of nipple clamps. I don't want some crap from the State Fair on my nice tits.

I wake up in a startled sweat, starving.

Dream 2. This occurred after my first lesson with Teacher. The general details are foggy, but I informed somebody "Whatever you do, do not eat a big ass steak dinner before you engage in any bondage." Sounds pretty reasonable, especially since I have the oh so sexy acid reflux.

*I'm certain they'd work fine.