Transitions Part 1

Busy Week! Somehighlights

*Teacher informed me that when I moved into my new condominium he was going to fuck me on every threshold. He kept his promise! From the front door, to the bathroom he fucked me raw. My new home has been "christened" for a lack of a better non-religious word, with our subversive love!
*My favorite part of the move was watching Teacher walk out in broad day light with one of his big ol crops.
*I've been battling with both Mark and my feelings for him. I wrote on my Twitter earlier this week that Teacher mindfucks me consensually, and Mark just fucking mindfucks me without asking. His mindfucking, though, is your run-of-the mill cat and mouse game. This was supposed to be a fling, and well feelings happen, and I got attached. He got attached. He freaked.Both of us are very hot-headed, volatile, people and very sensitive. I think, for now at least, we're on a even keel for a day or two. In the midst of it all, we've had some very nasty, nasty sex...from toe jobs to fisting, if it is filthy, we've tried it this past week. So yeah one day I want to strangle him and one day I want to hug him. See Saw Marjory Daw.
*Both men have shown their testosterone packed desires to protect me from someone who is on my shit list. Ain't nothing sexier than to hear a guy tell you they'll kick someone's ass for you. Teacher even taught me some martial arts moves. I've been calling him Sensai all week.He's been working very hard with me on my mindset-from how I handle issues at work, to dealing with men, to my self-confidence, and even getting me to budget. He's gone beyond Dom now. I am a very spoiled woman. A lot of this is non-kink, but one, I think, must have a good foundation in their daily lifes so they can be an excellent sub. For instance, it is one thing for me to be submissive to Teacher, and even Mark on some level, but I don't need to, nor do I want to be treated as such by other men. If Teacher wants me to play doormat for him, I'll gladly disrobe and lay by his front door for him to wipe off his cowboy boots, but I am OWNED by him! I am no one else's doormat.
*I've also just had a lot of fucking fun with Teacher even during boring moving shit. Imagine if you will, your blogger jumping over Teacher naked like she was fucking trying out for the 2008 Summer Olympics.
*He's been texting me all day telling me how he's going to fuck me. I'm not sure if we'll have our first scene in my new abode, but I am certain when I do, it will be worth blogging.


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