Ass Holes and Assholes

Crazy weekend for me. I cant' go any further, but I can tell you how far I went.

A. Last night on our way out on the town Mark said to me, "You know what I'm going to do you to tonight if you get drunk again?"
"Fuck me in the ass?" This happened last time I got loaded.
"Yes," his eyes gleemed. He had an evil smile and I sort of cowered.
"Guess I'm getting drunk!"
"You are such a dirty girl."
"I know and that's why you like me." I had honestly planned on laying off the sauce save a beer or two, but I upped my intake just a tad. I didn't get wasted, but I was feeling good. Some hot chick was flirting with me and bought me a drink. I took every opportunity I could to flirt with others in front of Mark. He's done the same and more, and I felt the need to show him I had game as well. Plus, it made me feel even more sexy and devious."
Our cab ride home was a short one, but it felt kind of long.
"You know what is coming to you tonight don't you X" he whispered in my ear.
I blushed.
Back at the apartment Mark didn't dilly-dally. he had me undress save my heels and pumped out globs of lube for our play. "Are you ready X? Let me check you out." He thrust a few fingers in my asshole to prime me up for his cock.
"As I'll ever be" Well that is a lie, I wasn't even tipsy at this point. I knew I'd feel some of the burn, even his fingers hurt.
"You like the pain bitch, you know it," he growled as he inserted his thick-ass dick in my asshole. I screeched. "You want me to stop"
"No,' I panted "Go on!" And go on he did, fucking my little asshole from above, my head smashed into the bed. Oh the pain, but it felt so good! A I felt like such a filthy slut and that is what turned me on. He was not gentle whatsover, he was ramming his cock balls deep inside, and all the while pulling my hair like the reigns on the horse. As I came the first time, he was almost laying directly on top of me and I almost lost my breath between the pressure of his body and the intense wave of orgasm. Slam! Slam! Slam! I cursed and sceamed with joy and pain which enveloped one another. Mark did not have to indicate when he was going to come because those final slams into my rectum were like he was trying to reach my throat via my asshole.
Intense. Intense. Intense. Needless to say we both slept like babies.

B. I'm a bit of an asshole, a hypocrite. Tonight I found out that Teacher had met up with another woman two months ago, a girl a few years younger than myself who was looking to learn about BDSM, but is embroiled in some heavy drama. I was mostly irritated he didn't tell me till now, but he said he didn't think I could handle it back then.
"Teacher I can't lie, I feel a bit jealous."
"You realize you're saying this right after you told me you got the living hell fucked out of your ass."
"I know, I know. It's just the thought of you getting to know and love another woman..."
"It's not like that X, no more than you and Mark"

It's silly, I want my cake and to eat it to, but I don't want share my cake. He said he didn't kiss her which made me a bit relived. I really don't kiss Mark that often. He's a bit of a closed off wall other than when we have some hot sex. When he does get mushy it throws me for a loop.