Coming Down

The fun is over and back to reality. During my last couple of weeks of getting laid, partyinng, working and travel I, in typical fashion, forgot the important shit. Important like my light bill. Important like my taxes. I've got my lights on. Extension will be in the mail tomorrow.

I planned on taking today to recuperate and prepare myself for possibly the grim reaper at my job tomorrow and instead I found myself laying in the dark. I used my last money to pay the electric company, and as I waited Teacher came over to keep me company for awhile. He also, bless him, filled my car up so I make my huge commute in the morning.

Also I have not heard from "Mark." He's on vacation and well, that is a big wake up call for me. Even though he said he didn't want a relationship and I agreed that we'd just be friends & lovers, it did get pretty fucking intense. I've chosen not to worry about it, though I am midly annoyed. Teacher today said that I'd go "running back to him" as soon as he returned and that in itself annoyed me. I don't want Mark to think I'm that big of a jellyfish. I have been a good girl and not called him. Being overly impatient, this is not an easy thing for me. Teacher pointed out that:
a)Cock chases pussy and that calling Mark would be retarded
b)I'd be calling because I want attention.
True and true.


You'd think coming back from a weekend that was focused entirely on sex I'd be ultra super duper horny (and I HATE the word "horny"), but I am so not. Twice I've gotten out my masturbatory gear and twice I've ignored it.

I think what I need is another vacation. As soon as I have a day to do as such, I'm going to drive down to the beach, turn off my phone, lay on the sand, crack open a beer and fry myself.

Recharge. Refocus.Reorganize or rather ORGANIZE.