Bitch In Heat - Part 1

This bitch has had her period this week and all the dogs have been sniffing around, trying to jump over the fence.

Upon getting permission from Teacher yesterday to see Mark tonight he said, "Sure, but I want to see you afterward."
"OK" I was a bit confused as I've never seen them on the same night.
"Don't worry, I won't be to rough with you."
"Ohhhhh..." Master of the Obvious here took a few moments to realize that Teacher wanted to fuck me after I had been fucked by Mark. Must be a guy thing I figured.
"Now X, just to let you know this is not a competition, I told you the other night I when I want you, I have you and I want you tomorrow night."
"Yes Sir."
"Now you are not to tell Mark that you are seeing me. I am flexible about the time, but I am going to see you no matter how late." He's a night owl, that's why we get along so well.

As soon as he hung up I started wondering how I was going to work this out logistically. It already felt like it was going to be "Three's Company 2008." I've never fucked two guys on the same day, much less had two dates. Mark had already mentioned doing out to a local nightspot as well as staying at my apartment. He's a very persuasive person, and I had already realized earlier in the week that I was going to have to learn to say "No" to him, something that is hard for a pleaser such as myself. But, I recalled reading some where that setting time limits and saying "No" to dudes sometimes works to your advantage, so I came up with some semi-legit reason for making it an early night.
Lunchtime today I bought two cans of Red Bull. I had the mental energy, but I was afraid of being exhausted having had very little sleep. The last thing I wanted to do was be a dead fuck for both of my men.

Ran home from work, took a shower, and drove over to Mark's house. It was nice to see his face, it had been awhile. We spent some time listening to the demos of his new album and catching up. He had asked me to bring my new gag over, so I took it out and showed him, as well as gave him some of the condoms I picked up at the conference. It wasn't too long before he had me on his bed kissing on me, nibbling on my ears and throat. While I trust him, being a non-Dom, I made sure he put the gag on just right so I could pop it out of my mouth if I had to do as such. A girl's got to protect herself, right?

Gag in place, my rocker turned into an animal and ripped off my red push-up bra and pulled off my panties. He slapped me across the right cheek and I saw stars, immediately I was moaning. He gnawed on the back of my neck and I yelped into the rubber ball. It felt so fucking good. He had me face down, doggy-style and started ramming his thick cock into me like it was going out of style, pulling my hair with both hands and moaning my name. My cunt contracted around his cock in orgasm, I thrust my ass back towards him for more and he smacked my ass with each thrust, the orgasm didn't stop and I keep coming over and over as he tore my pussy up. As he came, he had his arms around my neck choking me as he tensed and groaned. We collapsed into a sweaty sated puddle.

After a few smokes and a couple of records, Mark was ready for round two. "Want more cock or me to eat your pussy?"
He didn't wait for me to answer, which is style. "I want to eat your pussy."
Who was I to argue.
"You dont' mind me being on my period and all."
"Baby, I'm a vampire."
Right On!
I've written on here before that I think it is cool when guys are not squeamish about period sex, but to have a guy go down on you while you're menstruating is so fucking filthy, and so goddamned sexy because it is so dirty.
"Now get those fucking clothes off." I obliged and laid back and spread my legs open for his tongue. I've had many a guy go down on me, and well most do a rotten job, but I must say this guy has the skills. Like Teacher he knows his way around a pussy, and I was overjoyed when he pulled the hood of my clit back to get down to Grand Nerve Central. As he licked and sucked at my cunt, I pulled at his hair and pulled on my nipple with my free hand. As I came, it was all I could do not to smother him with my thighs.

As satisfied as I was, I was scared he'd wanted to go for another round as I had to save some of my energy for Teacher. "Alright, let's go to the bar."


Tomorrow, Part 2, Teacher Fucks His Proud Slut.


Laani said...

Hi, sub!
i hadn't been posting or reading anybodies blogs for a while, for various real-life related reasons, but i came back a coupla weeks find you in a position similar to one i find myself in! How strange and thrilling!
This post was very, very hot, and a a situation i found myself in recently. Almost exactly, even! i'm looking forward to the second part very much!
As always, thanks so much for sharing. ;)

Songs said...

It irritates me when guys are pussies around periods. Glad mine isn't either ;]

The Masochistic Coquette said...

I just want to say, You rock. I love reading your adventures!