The Other Lover and My Love

Lots and lots of catching up to do my readers.

So not long ago I met a guy I'll call "Mark" at my local hipster watering hole. He caught my eye the minute I walked in, it wasn't that he was ultra hot, but that he had some some unique glasses and just a very rock'n'roll aura about him. Having slept with my fair share of musicians, I have a good radar for these types of dudes. Of course at the bar as I was at, anywhere I turned I was in spitting distance from some musician or another.

I mentioned to one of my girls that I thought he was cute, and she suggested I tell him I like his glasses. I poo-poohed the idea and went back to my cocktail, and my evening. Later on I turned around to see him walk by and flashed him a smile, and quickly turned back around. A few minutes later he came over to me "I like your glasses," he said I too, wear some pretty non-conventional frames. Ends up he's a new dude in town.

From the first word it was obvious that he was a slick motherfucker, with major game. After some quick chit-chat getting to know one another, it ended up that we had numerous friends in common. Our social microcosms, despite being 1000s of miles apart overlap. So he flirted with me as I sipped on my drink, "can I get your number, we should hang out sometime." I honestly hesitated, as Teacher was the first person I thought about. I knew giving this guy my number could feasibly lead me to some trouble. Before he left, I had slipped of my glasses and he commented on my eyes, "They're the color of sweet tea." Awww. "Your have pretty lips too." Before I had a chance to thank him, he gave me a quick kiss on the mouth and ran out the door. I swooned the whole way home.

Meanwhile, my girlfriends took it upon themselves to tell me that they thought he was bad news. I, though already knew that from some of the information he gave me about himself and his troubled past. That made me like him more.

Guilt overwhelmed me for having any sort of feelings for another man besides Teacher. The next day I told him "There is a guy who wants to hang out with me."
"Go for it."
"Are you serious?"
"X, you are a young woman. I can only give you so much of my time. Go out with him, you have a lot in common."
"Really Teacher?"
"Have fun. Now if you start want to having a relationship with him, that is an entirely different issue."
"But Teacher, you know if you did the same thing I would be fucking livid. You know how I am."
Have I mentioned Teacher has a fat cow that refuses to go to pasture? She's no threat, just on my time. I'm her threat.
I just didn't' want to set myself up to be a hypocrite.

Now while I heard everything Teacher said, I still couldn't wrap my little mind around it, much less I was in a relationship where I could even bring another person up. Still, I didn't have the ovaries to tell him that I was going to see him the next day and made up some ridiculous story about bowling.

Mark texted and called me the next day. He's a high strung guy, not the insightful listener I have found Teacher to be. But then, this was not going to be about talking I had a feeling. Once my girls got wind that I was going to meet up with this dude, they started razzing me about how I was going to hop into bed with him very quickly. Instead of arguing that I wouldn't, I opted to let my freak flag fly and told them "you're damn straight I'm going to fuck him." They know I'm a slut, but not to the extent of my sluttery.

I'm not in high school my readers, I'm a grown woman and this is my sexual prime. I never want to look back with a withered cunt and an estrogen patch wishing I had enjoyed myself while I had the chance.

Bowling, I did not go. But I did go meet up with Mark. Our chit-chat was minimal. He put on some loud tunes, and threw me down and kissed me. As I told Teacher, it was not the sweet soulful kisses I get from him, but purely animalistic. It was also a tad awkward as we didn't really have any "getting to know you" here's how I operate action. It was zero to 60 in under a minute.

He gave me a few moment to admire his tattoos, and then started ripping off my clothes.
"I'm totally into big asses and big tits," he growled
"You're in right place my friend" I said looking him right in the eyes. He pulled my bra down and admired my breasts. "Those are some gorgeous tits" I, once again, thanked my two girls silently.
"I want to eat that sweet pussy of yours darlin," and he pushed me down on his bed, and pulled my panties down, tossing them aside.
He went to work, parting the lips of my cunt, and properly pulling them back to reveal my taut clit. With skill he licked and sucked, and darted tongue in and out, fucking my pussy with his tongue for quite some time. I had just started digging it when he stopped. "Baby, I love eating you pussy, but right now I just want to fuck. I'm going to eat you out some more later."
"Actually first I want to fuck that pretty mouth of yours."
So right then my vanilla cone fell on the floor and got dirty. Hmm, I thought, this might be more interesting than I thought.
He pulled his jeans off. I was not surprised that he was going commando, as it seems to be de rigueur for all the pervy rockers I've ever fucked.

Mark had a very ample sized cock. Very. It was thick, long, and smooth. Not too veiny. In retrospect I guess he did shave around that area, as the rest of him is pretty hairy, but not in a gross way. He is much shorter than Teacher, not buff by any means, just a regular dude, but definitely with sex appeal.

Being the cumslut that I am, I willingly opened my mouth to for the first taste of this new cock. He held my head still as he drove his thickness in and out, ultimately subsiding to let me do my work. As I worked him with my tongue, I thought about my training with Teacher. How lucky this dude was to have a slut as skilled as I was sucking his dick. I gagged as I attempted to take him down my throat, and I could tell he loved the show, groaning, looking very satisfied.

Where the segue way from sucking cock to getting fucked is a blur, but I know I ensured he put on a condom, as Teacher and I have been fucking bareback since forever. Also, I know I was on all fours as he drove his cock into me for the first time. "How do you like that cock, you filthy bitch?" I could do nothing but gasp as his size made my cunt ache.

So Mark is fucking the shit out of me, when he stops and spanks my ass. I yelped. He spanked me again. Not a tap or a smack, but a big old wallop. My actual words have escaped me, but I know I told him how much I dug being spanked.
"You like it rough huh, X"
He proceed to spank me, then fuck me, spank, and fuck. I started to lean down on my arms when I felt my head being yanked up by my hair. Oh yeah!
With both hands he held onto my hair, pulling my head back as he pounded into me. As I started to come, I must have been loud, because he pushed my head back down. "You've got to be quiet" (due to his living situation.)
Of course being me, I didn't mind having my head pushed down as he fucked both of us to orgasm, it just made it even hotter.

We were a sweaty mess afterwards, smoking, and he said "So you liked this spanking, huh" Oh yeah, mind you this cat is still hard, I'm trying not to climb back on him.
"I always end up with the submissive ones."
My mouth just fell to the floor. Mind you this dude has no idea that I am anyone's sub, no word of BDSM has been spoken. I don't even think he's officially a lifestylist, but as Teacher said, just a kinkster.
"Why do you think that is?"
"I'm just a dominant dude." That I don't know exactly, as he's not stereotypically macho, but he no wallflower either.
Still, I don't mention my whole story about being a sub, I just let it be. In case you have not been reading this blog long, or may not remember, part of my finding Teacher was inquiring about how anyone would know a sub is a sub, like on the street. This once again just confirmed to me that I'm truly acting upon my nature.

We went for round two. Knowing, though, this time my proclivities, Mark was a bit rougher. This time the spanks were harder, the hair tugged on a bit rougher, his thrusts stronger and he even slapped my face, which caught me off guard, and I liked. Though Teacher has never done as such and I don't think it is his style.

When the evening was over and Mark walked me to my car, he said, "So you're into kinky sex huh."
"Maybe next time I can tie you up. Would you like that?"
I just smiled.
So I'm all sated, having enjoyed myself, but the whole night I was in mental torment. Teacher had said it was OK for me to hang out with him, but never did mention me fucking him. Then I started thinking about what he'd think about Mark tying me up. I decided that it that was brought up I was going to tell Mark that right now I only trust one person to tie me up. I would to need to truly find out this guys experience with this. I don't need to lose any limbs.

When Teacher came by the following night I came clean. He chuckled and was not one iota upset with me. "I want you to enjoy yourself X. I am very proud of you for being a slut."
I couldn't believe my ears. We had some pretty heavy conversations about the whole thing, and yet still I was feeling utterly guilty.

"I want to write about my experience in my blog, but I don't' want to hurt your feelings."
"You won't X. There is nothing you can do to make me take away your broadband connection."
We cracked up. I'm using his computer and Internet service.
"So I can be explicit."
"I want you to be."

I had to be 100% honest.

I uttered something I have yet to say to him.
"Teacher, I have to tell you something I swore I would never say to you first and I don't' want you to feel obligated to reciprocate."
"The whole reason why I am in turmoil about this is not only because I respect you, but because..because I love you." I think I was holding my breath. "I think you already know that but I never wanted to say that."
"I always took your word "adore" as carefully chosen.

He kissed me and hugged me, and all was good in the universe.


Curvaceous Dee said...

Sounds like you had one hell of a time with your new fella - very hot! And if Teacher is glad you're having fun slutting it up, there's definitely no need for you to feel guilty - your communication is good and you're having fun. Surely that's the important stuff?

xx Dee

Naughty Girl said...

Sounds like having your cake and eating it too. Will you try to make a go of things with Mark or is Teacher it for you?