Tick Tock

Tick Tock, I'm sitting here waiting for Teacher's cock! He's running late, so here I sit.

I did all my usual pre-visit nesting and grooming well pre play visit nesting and grooming. Poor guy surprised me earlier this week and had to see me at my most unsexy, looking like a total ragamuffin. He was good humoured about it, but I was utterly mortified.

Tonight in anticipation of his arrival I took it upon myself to lay out on a big floor cushion all the tools of our trade--the new clamps, lube, dildo, flogger, crop, cane, etc. He'll have his case of stuff, but I figured he'll appreciate that I have prepared everything ahead of time. It never fails I'm scrambling to find something for him or I'm wishing he'd used something on me, but I had it squirreled away. Out of site out of mind. He's very tolerant of my ADHD, more than most, but if I can do even just one thing to have it not interfere with our evening, I will. If any of you Doms or Dommes reading this are topping a ADHD sub, God Bless you. I know we must be more of a challenge than your regular run of the mill "normal" (cough-cough) sub. I would imagine it is like trying to wrangle a wild animal.

It also dawned on me that I made it the entire week without masturbating. It wasn't on purpose, it just was. I think though, that will be a positive thing later on when we get down to business.

Must go get in position.


Naughty Girl said...

Sounds like you're ready for anything! I always have wonderful orgasms if it has been a while since I last masturbated. I hope the orgasm(s) was wonderful!