This and That

*For a month now I've been eyeing a particular pair of boots waiting for them to get marked down and I am wearing them now and utterly turning myself on. Their knee high, black leather, high heeled and corset style lace up the back. I don't think I fetishize footwear, but there are some things that get my nipples perk up and my cunt wet the minute I put my feet into them, and these are as such. Teacher, I am sure, will appreciate me wearing them, I'm certain. I'll post pictures soon.

*A link I submitted to Fleshbot was posted and a guaranteed laugh. Welcome Fleshbot readers, btw.

*Today I received a new flogger to review for EdenFantasys and I can't wait to put it into Teacher's hands to smack my ass around. I spent a good five minutes after opening the box whipping the pillows on my bed. Silly, I know, but I enjoyed myself. There are benefits to living alone. I must say it was a great way to get my agressions out after a long work week, do you Doms out there ever think of stuff pissing you off when you flog your subs? "And this one if for the fucking mortgage company...and this is for the goddamned asshole who hit my car..."

*While being grilled by Dr. Fuckedinthehead today I realized that Teacher has provided me with much better therapy than she has, even though his medical credentials are no more worthy than Dr. Phil's. Last night as I got paddled I caught myself growling and grunting, like releasing anger whereas I usually moan and whimper. The catharsis that BDSM has provided me, truly, has been unbelievable.


HisGirl said...

i just found your blog through a comment link. Fantastic! i'll be back. :-)

i know what you mean about your therapist. i frequently think the same sorts of things.

Thank you for blogging & sharing your life with us.