The redneck woman came up to the counter clutching a crumpled bag which was to my retail jaded eyes obviously a return. She had a face for radio--doughy and pockmarked, framed by stringy greasy hair. I think she had all her teeth. Accompanying her was an older black man, chomping on a toothpick with greying hair peeking out from underneath a trucker cap.

She explained to me that he didn't like what she had purchased for him for Christmas.
"You didn't like them Daddy, did ya?"
"No m'am"

"No problem," I told them and offered to help them find something else.

"What size you need Daddy?" she barked at him. He told me. The whole time assisted them it was "How are they Daddy?" "Do you like 'em Daddy." Daddy. Daddy. Daddy.

Just by going by my gut, I honestly doubt they were in a, I am unsure how to word this, a "typical" BDSM relationship. I guess by that I mean, one that involves actually realizing you are in a power-exchange situation and naming it. But, names be damned, this couple definitely had their roles defined.

It takes a lot to shock me, so I didn't flinch at all the "Daddy" talk, if anything I was intrigued. She obviously was all about pleasing him and could give a flying fuck what me, or anyone else thought about her calling him "Daddy" in public, much less the fact they were an interracial, May/September couple in the a very closed minded, WASPy, Southern neighborhood in a store teeming with the after-church crowd of blue-hairs in support hose clutching the Sunday newspaper inserts.

Now I can't lie, they were not the kind of couple you'd want to see naked, much less fuck, but as I rang them up I imagined that they had some pretty hot sex that was guaranteed to be peppered by some yelling of "Fuck me Daddy, Fuck Me."
After they left it got me thinking, and I don't get to do a lot of that at my job so I have to think about something, of how many people out there are in D/s relationships and they have no idea. Then, I thought if you have no idea, is it D/s? It is a chicken/egg thing?
What do you all think?


sub lyn said...

Really interesting post. i'd say no, it's not D/s if you don't know you're doing it. D/s is all about context, and if you take the meta out, then it's something else. But hey, if it works for them, it sure doesn't matter what it's called!