This picture is for Teacher, who shares my love for garlic (via

Just got home from busting my chops. It is hard to play nice all day, especially when you lack self-control. For those of you living in a box or outside of the US, Americans such as myself, have major entitlement issues.

On a happier note I thought I'd point out a few new sites on my side bar

1. Stile Project - Which always has stuff to amuse, arouse, and at times digust. The site has been around for a long time and it shows in the quality of links, etc. (click the "stile rank" button not the picture (well, unless you want to)

2. Mornosphere - Don't fuck with a man in a kilt. You can fuck him, but don't fuck with him. Trust me.

3. LoliDoll - Loli is a rare jewel. Besides being a excellentsub blogger, she is a sub blogger of color, which is a rarity.

4. Alebeard - I don't know if I've written about him before, but I love his writing. He's of strong mind, and of strong opinion. Funny as shit to boot. I bet he beats the ever living shit out of his sub, skillfully of course.

PS. The holidays are over, please take off those ugly Christmas sweaters and remove the wreath from the front of your gas guzzling SUV.