Life Beckons

I'm in a tad of a hurry today and my keyboard is screwy, but here are a few things:

1. The BEAST who has been the bane of my existence the last year had good ol' karmic justice served, which, lucky for her, is better than the redneck justice I planned for her psycho ass.

2. Last night Teacher & I went to dinner and then went to our local smut shack. He bought a great set of wrists & ankle cuffs with a hogtie attachment. Alas, we were both too full and tired to play, but we tested them out and they feel wonderful. So fun up ahead.

3. I just read a very thought provoking article on Susie Bright's blog about the current spate of pro-pregnancy movies and their fear of the "A" word. Between seeing Huckabee winning the Iowa caucus last night and my current re-reading of "the Handmaid's Tale" I'm terrified of the mass ignorance and lack of care for our loss of liberties in this country.

4. Have a good weekend! Dope, Guns & Fucking in The Streets !


SongsAbout said...

The last sentence a placebo reference? Excellent :)

Sub Nouveau said...

actually a reference to a series of comps on the amphetimine reptile label in the90s (melvins, halo, boss hog,jesus lizard..)

MJ's Slave said...

Hey, you!

Just reading this now...i got new cuffs and a hogtie thingy for XMAS, too! i have been sick and Master put the ankle cuffs on me over the weekend before He went out to play, just to remind me i am Owned...and damned if it didn't make me feel better!! Who knew our toys could have medicinal value!! Wonder if they will go to my medical deductible!! ;>))

Have fun, sweetie, and keep us posted on how they work out!!