All Tied Up and No Where To Go

Last night Teacher and I moved venues to a motel, just to change things up. Unbeknown to me, he was feeling sickly, but he knew I was looking forward to spending New Years Eve with him, and he wasn't going to let me know. I'm the hypochondriac in this couple. Anyway, he managed to give at least myself a memorable evening before the ball dropped. He'll be paid back kindly in blow jobs.

He told me just to wear jeans and a sweater, but underneath I wore a black garter belt, stockings with the line up the back, and a black bustier. Not to mention my "cripplers in which I still have not mastered walking.

We got settled in the room and he started unpacking his tools and toys. I laid on my stomach and watched him take each item out. Rope. Check. Clothespins. Check. Vibrators. Check. Lube. Check. Paddle-a new one. Check. Ball Gag. Check. Big fucking humongous bowie knife. WTF!

As I've mentioned before, we've included knife play in our scenes but the previous implements were not even remotely as threatening as this hunk of steel. "What the hell are you doing with a knife like that?!" Teacher is fully armed from bats to bullets, but yet he always seems to find something to freak me out. While it is not this exact knife, it is damn close. He proceeded to lay the cool blade on my chest. Oh, I knew what he had in mind. But it just looked like what it was, something to rip the guts out of some unlucky person. He proceeded to show me ways to hide it, flipped it around, and basically got me pretty scared. I didn't grow up around weaponry, so the mere sight of it gives me the heebie jeebies.

"We've played with knifes before X," he said looking me straight in the eyes.
"I know." I whimpered.

"You know you are always safe with me."
I didn't answer.

"That look you gave me doesn't seem like you're too confident in that."
"Well..." I laughed it off, but in all honestly, I can't shake the fear of that he may snap and gore the ever living shit out of me, leaving me a bloody, lifeless, carcass. Of course, that fear is half the purpose of him bringing that damn thing along with him.

Next, He showed me the newest paddle he made, which was a bit smaller, yet sturdier than the prototype he used on me last week. It is the normal paddle shape, but there all sorts of holes drilled into it.

Between seeing the knife and paddle, I was already breathless. I has been a few weeks since we've truly played hard. I felt like I was back at square one, any remnant jadedness went out the window and I returned back to what I am--sub nouveau. I must not forget it.

Bondage, oh how I love thee. I was excited to see my ropey friends and offered my hands with no struggle. As the knot was secured, I felt instantly a lot happier than I did when I had walked in the motel room door. The more and more I experience it, it becomes apparent that being restrained is my favorite type of BDSM play. I know part of it is because for so long, I have felt out of control. I've often joked that "I need to be put in a cage." Well I've never meant that literally in the past, and actually I'm not over anxious to be caged, but the ropes serve the same purpose. I like those reigns pulled in on me (unlike Linda Ronstadt.)

Teacher rolled me over onto my stomach and tied my ankles together and then rolled me back with my face up. Bliss. A leather blindfold was put over my eyes. The gag I guess got lost in the mix, but that was OK.

He started gently, kissing my face, stroking my hair, and then pulled down the bustier to reveal my breasts. Upon each exposed breasts, he yanked the nipples taut and applied a clothespin.

Teacher started flicking the pins back and forth with what I quickly learned was the big knife. Click, clack, click, clack. Each tap made my nipples sting. I was chewing my lip. My fear of the knife did not wane whatsoever, so when the chunky Bowie knife was pressed, flat side down on my ribcage I immediately gasped. He traced the knife then across my lips so I could feel the thick serrations and then slowly down tracing my throat, down across my torso, down to my pussy where he flicked my labia with the dull, but still cold edge. I tried to hold still, but I was trembling.

He positioned me across his knee and with little warm up, started spanking the shit out of me with the plastic handle of a flyswatter he once used on me, sans the long lost swatter. He's usually good about starting off slowly, but in retrospect I think it was because he felt like ass. My ass felt like it had never been spanked before and I was screeching and moaning, apparently so much so I heard a knock from the room adjacent to us. Cheap motel. Thin walls.

He moved me from his knee back on the bed. I was face down with my ass up. He then switched over to his bare hands rotating from cheek to cheek, and automatically I was chewing my arm and my pillow. I started to drift off but then the fucking goddamn room phone rang, and rang, and rang, ultimately throwing us off for a few minutes. Of course there was no one there. I was highly irritated, as I was in throes of punishment.

Getting back to business, Teacher took out that evil fucking paddle. EVIL. That piece of wood is possessed by the devil, I swear. This time he started out a bit slower, but I was yelping immediately. This tender tucas couldn't take it. I bit into the pillow, I scratched on Teacher's arm, I caught myself drooling. This thing was intensely painful. Once again I started to drift, and bang, he hit this one extra tender part that made me scream, but not for mercy. I was intent on taking my punishment, my tied feet kicking as much as possible.

The paddle was put down, and then he scratched down my ass with his fingernails. You'd think this would feel good, but it was fucking intensely painful. He doesn't have creepy long nails, but there was enough that I could feel them. Then he resumed the paddling. This time I started to drift off for real.

I don't know where I got the idea, but I just assumed that subspace was the same each time. Apparently, and I confirmed this with Teacher, it is not. So while in the past I've been very much at peace through my pain, this time I was a bit more anxious and my mind was all over the place.

Still, I was able to get into the rhythm enough that something amazing happened that had never happened to me before from being spanked. I felt like I was going to orgasm.

"I think I'm going to cum" I panted out to Teacher.

"You probably will" he said, or something akin to that. I know realize I shouldn't have said anything as that threw me off focus. I generally need to focus hard to cum, but this was the opposite so I was utterly shocked, and yet I fucking ruined it!

The spanking continued for awhile longer, along with some more scratching and then I heard the whirl of the G-spotter. He burrowed the purple toy between my now pretty hairy little pussy that was still accessible, even though my legs were tied.

Wielding the purple beast, it was no too long before I was a hot little orgasmic mess. Not being able to move my legs made it even more intense. Who knows how many times I came before I ultimately collapsed. All I know was intensely satiated.

As I said in the beginning my poor Dom was on the cusp of virus city, so the antics pretty much ended there.

Walking to the elevator later on I realized how swollen my butt was. "I'm going to have to sit on a pillow all day tomorrow!!" I declared, but I most certainly was not complaining. It was much more pleasant to wake up with a sore ass, than a hangover on New Years Day!

picture from whipped ass

(ps. i know i fucked up "nowhere" but when i changed it, it screwed up the url & many sites have linked here.bad spelling vs. bad linking. a difficult choice)


SongsAbout said...

Knifeplay..I love thee.
Though There's a knife I won't use (I bought it myself but hindsight is a great thing)..it's like a scalpel. I actually started sobbing when Bear brought it down to my stomach once.

MJ's Slave said...

Damn, sn...How did i miss this post?!!? HOT!! my kids were here and i was sick...thank heaven for Sugasm!!

What you say about bondage is totally true for me...and don't knock the peace of the cage...it can be a very calming interlude..don't like it for punishment..but for meditation on the "what" it is great!