The Balls Drop

Teacher & I are getting a hotel room just to change things up a bit for the New Years. I told him at midnight, instead of watching Dick Clark, I mean Ryan Seacrest, he could put his balls on my forehead! Not to mention I had a bit of a glitter fiasco the other night rendering everything and everyone in my life glitzy, so he's certain to have some sparkly nuts.

As I write, I just spent the best two dollars ever. As I may or may not have mentioned, he has a fetish for large/dangling earrings. He's not alone, there is a fetish for everything. 99% of the time I wear hoops. This morning I went to the local ethnic beauty supply shop that not only carries wigs, weaves, makeup and the like, but also the most out of control costume jewelry. There I found exactly what I was looking for, some good hoop earrings that are so large They honestly go past my shoulders, so they're kind of sticking up over my shoulders. 99 cents! I am thinking they're at least 7 inches long. He's going to be here in a second & I know both of us will crack up. I love to make him laugh, and lord knows I do a good job. I also got a humongo pair of silver door knocker earrings that I'm going to whip out tonight. Those I'll probably rock later on, ala Lily Allen or make that Salt 'n' Pepa.
I think I mentioned it last night, but happy new year!


unspeakable axe said...

Happy new year!!!

But really...Ryan Seacrest?

Sub Nouveau said...

Well DC is hosting in conjunction with Seacrest, who is supposedly the heir to his NYE Throne.