Pain and Pain-ier

First off Merry Christmas & Bah Humbug. I've been too busy to even think about masturbating at work this past week. I was truly running on fumes going from point A to point B. I ended up last night so sore I could barely walk, and unfortunately that was from work, not from a good beating. Ironically, I had to drink so I could walk. I managed to wake up without a hangover, but with the stride of a senior citizen. I almost cried when Teacher sent me an email with a PS suggesting that I wear these sexy high heeled boots. But, he was a gentle Dom today.

All gimped out after another day of dealing with the public, who I must note get uglier the closer it gets to Christmas Day. I'm not talking about behavior, I'm talking about unbathed, smelly inbred motherfuckers. But I'm not snob, if you have money, I'll sell you something even if your wife is your sister. Oh yeah, so I came home hobbled and filthy. I left Teacher a message where to find my house key and crawled into bed. I don't know how long it was, but I was awakened by him snuggling his nude self next to me. A wonderful way to be roused from sleep.

He doted on me, as he said he didn't want his sub out of commission. He cracked open a bottle of this overpriced organic massage oil I got as a gift and proceeded to give me a massage from head to toe. Under normal circumstances it would have been very erotic, but in my state it was just beautifully intimate.

We laid there after my massage and he told me he had something for me, and reached below my bed. It was this paddle he's been working on. It is wooden with about five holes drilled into it. It is not entirely finished, but he wanted to test it out. (I've also suggested I paint it with sparkly paint, but I don't think he liked that).

"I don't' know if it possible to make me feel any pain right now," I told him as I stuck my ass out. I was partially right for the first paddles, then I started to feel the smacks a little more, but it still was not enough to register and that paddle is going back to be revamped. He proceeded to switch over to his rattan cane and leather crop, now those things I felt. As he inflicted welts on my tired ass I was able to finally escape the other pain that had isolated itself in my shoulders, knees and feet. Somewhere along the line I got walloped by a leather studded belt that I had laying on the floor next to my jeans I wore the night before. Now that shit hurt, but it was such a relieving pain. Truly. I know it would sound fucked up to your regular Joe, but just like hitting your thumb with a hammer to relieve a headache, the strikes on my ass enabled me to function enough to make it out the door to finish the last of my shopping.

I am not sure if I'll get a post in before Xmas day, so if not dear readers have a great holiday and have a drink on me.


Slave dave said...

Hi, you have a wonderful blog.
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