I am so anal about keeping up with this blog, yet Christmas & personal has thrown a big monkey wrench into me & Teacher seeing one another. As I write, I am beyond exhausted, but I've put too much work into this blog to let it slide just because I am working my fingers to the bone.

There has been one development that I forgot to mention a week ago. I am now to call Teacher "Sir" vs. calling him by his first name. This, I must say, has been a challenge. I had a pet name I used to use in email, and I've had to condition myself to address my correspondence with "Sir," and it is still tricky rolling off my tounge. But isn't part of being a submissive is to be conditioned?


MJ's Slave said...

i am tired too..and i think it's more knowing what's coming than the time leading up to it!

you will get to the point that it will feel so weird not to call Teacher "Sir" that when you are in a vanilla situation where it might be inappropriate you will just not call him by name rather than say something other than what you have been trained to do...i call Master MJ and people are just used to it and don't even question it any more.

Take care of yourself and slow down and enjoy the moment!!

Happy Holidays!

Slave2JS said...

i have to admit, when my Owner ordered me to refer to Him as 'Sir' rather than His name, my first thought was 'i am going to crack up everytime i call Him that'. He told me that it would become as natural as breathing, and i silently disagreed with Him.

Now, it feels strange to refer to Him by His name...and calling Him Sir is even MORE natural to me than breathing. Don't'll be able to do this, and you will learn to love the significance of that title...i know i do...


Sub Nouveau said...

Girls thank you for the feedback. It is good to know that I will get over this awkward stage. It was funny yesterday he showed up at my work. I didn't want to get into trouble, so I pretended he was just anothe patron and said "How may I help you SIR..." I think he knew I was chuckling insid.e

Anonymous said...

It really is a very interesting dynamic, the 'Sir' thing. I think I've only been really able to do it in situations where I not only respected, but cared enough about the man to want to make him happy. It still never comes naturally to me. I guess that's why I'm not really a good sub, at least not full time. :)