A few days ago, Teacher caught me off guard wearing the most atrocious unsexy shoes, big clodhoppers that no woman should ever wear unless she is saturated with patchouli and has 30 cats. I only own them because I swiped them from a friend so I could walk my hungover ass home one day. I didn't feel like doing the walk of shame in high heeled boots.

Teacher primarily only seen me in heels and I could see the disgust in his eyes. I think they're ugly as well but I have no bedroom slippers. Anyway, I do have lots of heels, tons of platform slides, regular pumps, and several pairs I thought were pretty extreme until now.

A few days later I went to my local sex toy emporium and started perusing their small, and pretty shitty corner of poorly made whips and paddles, lots of handcuffs geared toward the vanilla crowd looking for one night of kink. I contemplated buying some nipple clamps to replace the ones that were stolen out of Teacher's car, but I realized I didn't know my ass from elbow about them, or how if they were good quality or not. All the lingerie was the kind that comes in a plastic bag or was not even fit for the nastiest corner whore. Still, I longed to buy something sexy. I picked up a couple of vibrators and then I looked up to see the perfect purchase.

7 inch black stiletto pumps, with red soles, and a total vertical drop. No platform to support the footbed. These were the sexiest shoes I had ever put on my feet. The instant I put them on I felt like a vixen. My entire body transformed; chest out, ass out. Sold.

Having run around many times in heels, I assumed I could walk in them. I didn't really do more than stand in them in the store with some of those awful skin tone footies.

That night I sat on the edge of my bed and pulled on my stockings with black ribbons at the cuff and nothing more. I slid on each pump and got up to go do my makeup. The moment I stood up I almost fell forward and immediately realized I could not take more than a few mincing little steps. I, the queen of platforms and heels, was about topple over. Somehow I managed to shimmy to my bathroom and imagined falling into my tub. Oh what a scene that would be! I teeter-tottered around my apartment getting ready, feeling ultra-sexy and ultra-helpless.

I got word of Teacher's impending arrival and shuffled to a cushion to get into my presentation position. As I sat there waiting, I knew there was going to be no way to get up gracefully.

Teacher arrived, we had a misunderstanding the night before and I think he was a bit surprised to see me in position, naked, waiting for him. He held his hand to pull me up, and I told him that it was not going to be easy and then pointed to my shoes. He cracked up and handed me then both his hands. I stumbled up towards him, these shoes were "insta-submissive." I was at his mercy to make my way around. He turned his back towards me and had me put my hands on his shoulders, I thought he was going to give me a piggy back ride, but instead he had me shuffle behind him down the hall to my room.

He sat down and I just stood there in front of him in fear of toppling over. But as he looked me up and down, admiring my image I knew that being hobbled for the night was very much worth it. They don't call them fuck me pumps for nothing. Trust me.

He held onto to the heels as leverage as he fucked the hell out of me; they were my handlebars. Totally debaucherous and hilarious at the same time.

The shoes also made me aware of my own sexual power. I admired the curves of my lean calves, trim ankles, and deep arch as my legs hung over his shoulders while he plowed his cock inside me. The pumps stayed on the entire night until finally one deep thrust sent them flying across the room and me flying into space.


Kinky Aoefe said...

I want those shoes!! *grin*