Christmas Came Early

I had a wonderful evening with Teacher tonight! Besides some hot sex, he gave me one of my Christmas gifts tonight. I had a rough weekend and he did his best to cheer me up.

While this may not seem like a romantic gift, it is something I've wanted for a long, long time. A Smith & Wesson Ladysmith .38 ! He is very into and skilled with firearms, and now I'll be able to accompany him to the range. He's also set me up with some sessions with an instructor at the range, some ex-cop friend of his.

I've shot guns before, but I've never owned my own, so this is totally cool. I will be sleeping with my new baby under my pillow. Call me sub badass!

If xmas is this good this early, I can't imagine what will be under my tree in a few weeks. I have bought his gift but I can't tell you guys as he reads this is as well!



under the tree - a General Electric Mini Gun, perhaps? :-)


Karl Elvis said...

What's more romantic than weapons?

(I'm not kidding)

That's a great gift!