Blissed Out

"When you get home I want you to do the following," Teacher told me as we finished up the last drops of our wine, "first of all, do you have any other big earrings other than hoops?"
"I think so, I'll have to go through my jewelry box."
"Wear some for me." He has a thing for big earrings, a fetish that is easy to manage, "Then I want you to take all your clothing of except for heels..."
"Are my boots OK?" I was wearing tall 5 inch black leather boots that clung to my legs like a pair of gloves.
"Yes. Also I want you to find some music you'd like to hear and put that on." That sounds easy but my idea of good music involves Marshall stacks and his involves a harpsichord. "Also, no light except your candles." I have a little makeshift altar on my dresser of various candles, from smelly votives to ones involving Jesus.
"OK" All this was a non-issue for me
"Take out the red box and put it on the edge of you bed." This is the box of our various toys,ropes,and other sexual accouterments.
"I will call you on my way over, I will give you enough time to unlock your door. You are to be waiting for me in your kneeing position."
"No problem."
We left the restaurant, he went to take care of some bs, and I went home and scrambled around for some music. I like Slayer, Teacher likes Bach. I settled on Roxy Music's "Avalon." You can't get sexier or smoother than some Bryan Ferry. I lit my candles, peeled my dress off, but fresh batteries in my vibrators and waited, and waited. I am the world's most impatient woman. I even found some pretty blue glass bead earrings to wear for him.
After what seemed forever Teacher called me. "I'm about 5 minutes away."

I went and unlocked my door.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I pretty much live in the proverbial hood. I am also very much a scaredy cat.

My apartment was dark, except for my candles, I managed my way back to my room, and got into position, kneeling, sitting on my feet, my legs spread and my palms upturned on either thigh. My head was down.

The longer I was in position, the more vulnerable I felt. I imagined someone other than Teacher walking in on me. I lock my door even to take out my garbage 15 feet away from my door, so this is something I always fear. Teacher knows that about me. A

Bathed in the glow of the candles, I felt more naked than nude. I was there for the taking. I knew in my heart that it would be Teacher coming into the room, but my mind was racing.

The door creaked, my heart started to race. I heard the footsteps coming towards my room. I was instructed to advert my gaze, so I only knew by sneaking a quick look that yes, it was Teacher in my room.

My body erupted into goosebumps as I heard him get his stuff together, at this point I was feeling very much my submissive self. He leaned down into me and kissed my neck. My feet were falling asleep underneath me, the heels of my boots digging into the flesh of my buttocks. Still, I was determined to present myself as requested.

While he did not ask me to, I closed my eyes. I am a notorious fidget, and I knew if I didn't keep my eyes closed, I would not be able to get into the right head space where I could keep myself from squirming.

In the darkness there is no time, so I don't know how long I was waiting before I felt Teacher's hand come around my neck, pulling my head towards his mouth to kiss my throat.

Still in position, he placed a leather blindfold over my already closed eyes. He tied my hands behind my back with rope and walked away. I heard him rustle around, I didn't know what was going to come next.

Every tiny hair on my body stood up as the tiny strand of leather on top of his crop trickled up and down my back, and broke out into small smacks. He kneeled behind me, lifted my blindfold, and then brought the crop in front of me to see him play my body like it was a violin, slowly wielding the leather across my breasts and around my nipples. The music that emitted was small moans from mouth and drops of wetness from my cunt.

Pulling the blindfold back down, I was escorted to another part of the room, made to bend over to accept the leather bound strikes across my ass and back. I am so accustomed to his bare handed spankings that the sting of the leather always gives me a bit of a shock. Wincing, I accepted each swat with an exhale trying to work through the pain.

My legs were willingly pushed apart by small swats of the crop, I felt myself lower my pussy so it too could be smacked all the while knowing the pain on my tender labia is the hardest to bear. Each snap made me want to crumble, but I still wanted more, but that was not to be, as the crop was laid down and Teacher worked his thick finger right into my wet cunt immediately going straight for my throbbing vaginal sponge. A master of the g-spot, he had me instantly writhing into an orgasm instantaneously. As one who has historically had a rough time getting off, this was yet another breakthrough. Perhaps if all my previous lovers had been so skilled and attentive as Teacher is with my body, then this orgasm would have been old hat, but that was not the case.

Barely catching my breath, he then inserted his cock into my pussy that was still pulsing from cumming. With each thrust, I pushed my ass back towards him so he could feel the warmth of the pain he inflicted upon me. I turned into a bit of a little beast, and could not stop myself from biting him partially as an outlet of my pleasure, and subsequently marking my territory. "X was here." He repeated the favor, and we bit and clawed at one another until he came inside me, both of us collapsing with pleasure.

My blindfold was still intact, but I was able to find my way to lay my head upon Teacher's belly. He stroked my hair, and I nodded off in a state of bliss.

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nirvana said...

Knowing your paranoia about intruders getting into your home, it would have been even more intense from a mind game perspective if your Teacher had you place the blindfold on before he came into the room, and didn't speak so as to keep you in a state of fear as you wonder whether it was really him violating your body.

It would also be intense if he brought a friend along to watch, to further add to your anxiety.

Devilbluedress said...

Just played a cd from Eden fantasies called "Music to make love to." Want to listen to it one more time, before I review it. I think you'd like it a lot though. Especially times like that.