Ass Pounding

"You're going to be my three-hole slut tonight," Teacher whispered into my ear as he bit on my neck. I was already highly aroused as he had already explored my body in the light of the amber scented candles lined up on my dresser.

Go figure he'd find a new way to get me off. He had slid his hand down my body to my pussy, rubbing on my hard clit, a clit I was recently told by him (well I asked him, as it seems clit size is something I am currently intrigued) was larger than average. With a finger on either side of the clitoral hood, he rubbed back and forth, making me purr. Sensing my arouse put his warm hand with the fingers dipping inside my wet hole, and the palm covering my entire mound he squeezed my cunt in such a way that every nerve ending in my pussy was on high alert. Cumming in his hand, I knew there was much more in store as he had showed up with his tool case.

He tied my hands in front of my body with white rope, and then proceeded to take another cord and circle it around my waist. I was not sure what the purpose of this rope was for. It wasn't tight, in fact there was a bit of space between my back and the rope.

I was put in my spanking position, on all fours, my ass facing him. I had noticed the ball gag out on my nightstand, so I had expected to have it shoved in my mouth, but he proceeded to drum on my ass checks with his palms like fucking Keith Moon and I did the best I could to muffle my cries into my mattress. Goddamn neighbors.

The leather braid of the crop was placed between my legs and tapped across my cunt, a small tap, then a larger one. The leather slid through my pussy lips like a snake in the grass and found its way to bite my tush with a horrible sting. I didn't even attempt to count the blows to my ass, thighs, and back. I was on the cusp of falling into subspace when Teacher grabbed my body towards him. Rather, he grabbed me by the rope like it was the reigns on a saddle. That mere act of him yanking me like that made my cunt juice up.

He did not need to say a word, my next move was obvious as his engorged cock was waiting for my mouth, and for my cunt. Who was I to argue? Like a good girl I went down on him, making sure my man was happy, he wouldn't let me finish and instead had me offer up my dripping wet snatch for his pleasure, pulling the rope around my waist like a handle bar as he slammed in and out of me. Then he stopped. I was back in my hands and knees position.

Without a word he slathered my pink asshole with lube. I knew what was coming. Holding me steady with the rope reigns he guided his cock into my tight anus. Whew..I starting exhaling in and out a la Lamaze as he sunk that thick dick of his in me. Things were different this time. This time my ass was hungry to be fucked and fucked it was. While he was not rough, he went at a steady pace and my fear of pooping on the poor guy dissipated and I was finally able to enjoy myself. Knowing I had amped up my game turned me on even more, I desperately tried to rub my pussy while my ass was being slammed, but his grip on my rope belt and my tied hands prevented me from doing as such. Very frustrating. While I did not come, I know that will be next go around, I am happy to report Teacher did and I'm elated that I was able to take it like a tough bitch, and next time it will be more intense. Before you know it I'll be begging for him to stretch my hole out all the time!

He'd stop to check on me and I told him to keep fucking me. I was his three-holed slut.

(yep, that is my butt! crappy camphone pictures. anyone have a digital camera they'd like to donate to a certain blogger?)


Laani said...

Spectacular play.
i love to be completely used, and i could certainly tell you enjoy it ,too. ;)
P.S. my word verification characters for this comment are "ttman"...tittyman?...hilarious!

Sub Nouveau said...

That would be a great vanity plate!

Sugarmoon said...

1. This is super hot, and yay for you being able to relax the poo paranoia and get into the fucking! IMHO unless you have some sort of horrible stomach flu geyser action going on, most guys will *not* care - if they're that worried about it, they'll ask you to clean beforehand, or they just won't go for the ass. And if you're going to have that kind of problem, you can probably feel it before he gets there. :D

2. "Three-hole slut" turned me on just *reading* it and I have to use that phrase soon in hopes that it will be used back at me. Whew!