*A psychopath threw a monkeywrench in the path of Teacher & myself this evening, so I did not get any play, but all is good. Next time that monkeywrench is thrown, though I'm hitting the psychopath over the head with it. I can only play nice for so long.

*What happened to that show "Bliss" that used to come on after Dr.Sue on Sunday nights? I think they were produced in Canada, 30 minute erotica tales. Some of the episodes were cheesy, but there were a few that were pretty hot for basic cable.

*I think I am going to finally tackle "Justine"It has been sitting there collecting dust since I bought a huge tome of DeSade a month or so ago.

*There is a horrible, horrible draught in my part of the country. If and when it does rain, I am going to request that Teacher fuck me outside while it soaks us. Against a tree, his car, a brick wall, I do not care. I've always wanted to have sex in the rain as well as the snow. I had sex on the beach the summer before I left for college, and if I recall sand up in your snatch is not that sexy.