Like A Virgin, An Anal Virgin That Is

Got my cherry popped at the young age of 14 on a water bed, drunk on wine coolers, by an 18 year-old with a mullet and a bad attitude. It was neither pleasurable nor sexy.

I had my anal cherry propped in my mind-twenties, but it too was not pleasurable. It was what I like to call "the surprise attack" when some smarty pants things it is OK to do the "oops I slipped routine" Yeah, right. I did it a few times after that, but then realized it was a good bargaining tool. I had one boyfriend who would BEG for anal with his funny accent, "X, plueezzzzzzz, let me go there!" He was a jackass, and I loved tormenting him. I dumped his ass before he even had a chance at the get the chocolate starfish. So for the most part it has been the "stinky pinky." I can safely say I've stuck my digits in more assholes than have been stuck in me. Last hand up my ass was during my annual.

So Teacher has been discussing anal training with me here and there. He knows I am not very experienced in anal play, and it has kindly put that further down the to do list. I have been giving it a lot of thought and I think I'm ready to give it a go. I've always thought it would be cool to experience DP (my one mmf experience didn't go that route), and so I must get my asshole in
order! I'm going to go read some Tristan Taramino in a second. Because if I'm going to get some advice on preparing my most private of privates for dick, I'd like to get it from a chick and a hot one at that! I know once I get going I'll more than likely dig it. Another route to the big O seems like a pretty good deal to me.

Bring on the ass lovin'!


A Nawty Mouz said...

Assholes those were that cared so little about you and your pleasure. In fact, they give assholes a bad name.

Teacher sounds like he's far more interested in you having a deeper experience that you'll want to repeat.

I look forward to hearing about your expanding training.

His pet said...

i love anal training. i was SO afraid of it and my ass is still wimpy compared to most, but i cum harder from anal sex than anything else. Go figure. Good luck with the next new phase of your training!!!


Sub Nouveau said...

Nawty Mouz--before I forget I moved your link to the right spot--with the dudes! You hit in on the nail, Teacher is taking his time, which is cool.

Brooke-that is good news--about the orgasms, I've got my fingers crossed. I'll definitely be writing up a post about it when the fated event occrus