It seems I've skipped a week or so of my regular thank you posts for those who have blessed me with oodles of traffic. So I'm going to try to get back in the swing, being that I am currently suffering from insomnia from drinking Pepsi at the stroke of midnight. Dumb Nouveau!

Dungeonet A directory of all things BDSMy
Adultbloghub Is just that, a hub of adult blogs
A Nawty Mouz A very, very naughty blog
Blogs For Women Yep, that's right ,blogs for women. Men can look too!
Imelda, Imelda A saucy lil' blogger

Not really a sex blog

J. Orlin Grabbe J.O.G. picked up a link from here last week. Definitely worth checking out, it is news stories with random shots of naked chicks.

Bonus Link For Teacher/Inside Joke Between UsLink

Merkin World

Thanks everyone!


Imelda Imelda said...

Aww shucks thanks *blushes*