Big Bottom

I'll be honest with you guys, I never really paid much attention to my ass. When assessing my physical assets my butt was never on the list. My boobs, eyes and lips I'd say were my best features. I get complemented on my smile, I have a little space in the front, ala David Letterman, but in this day and age of Chiclet grins, my grill seems more Amy Winehouse than the cast of the Hills. I will say it is the tautest part of my body, and thankfully I have minimal dimpling. So it has never been a worry, but never been a wow to me either.

Teacher, I must say has given me new found appreciation of my badonadonk. He spanks it, grabs it with a little grunt, pinches it with a wry smile, and caresses my ass after it is warm & red. I notice my bottom more when I walk, I glide my hands over my hips, it seems that both of them have morphed into a more sexual package. Perhaps the fucking and spanking have put them back where they belong, building up a protective layer. I like to imagine that it is more like talking to a plant for it to grow and all the doting on my tush has made it blossom!

It so happens that I might be having some ass fondling and more anal training tonight. Cross your fingers. It has been a hell of a week for teacher & myself.

Now if I can just get that booty shake thing down, I'm not a bad dancer but my ass is most definitely white.

Spinal Tap "Big Bottom"


His pet said...

i feel the same way! If anything i disliked my bottom before Master, but now i find i have grown to like it. He loves it so, how could i not??

And my bottom is VERY white. i think i'll stick with ballet.

Cute post!


Deity said...

i really enjoy hearing how you feel much more sensual towards your own body in response to the attention and treatment it has received.

"Perhaps the fucking and spanking have put them back where they belong..."

As i'm sure you know, hearing this sort of thing just gives me a buzz.