Dirty Driving

Thanks to a good old fashioned case of the hormones I am climbing the walls just dying to get fucked by Teacher. He's on the mend, and it looks like we'll be having a fuckfest tomorrow night.

Meanwile, I spent my drive home daydreaming about various sexual scenarios--everything from to being roughed up, double-penetrated and face-fucked by some guys and being brutally punished by Teacher for being such a slut to Teacher tying me face-to-face with another woman and caning us. It was such lousy traffic, I couldn't even think about attempting to masturbate while driving. But, oh yeah, that is another thing I've had fantasies about driving with Teacher and him making me expose myself. I've never been an exhibitionist, but that seems like it would be fun.

This post isn't really going anywhere, but trust me, I'm going to have some filthy shit to share with you guys, so stay tuned.

Now where did I put those batteries....