Certificate of Merit

Wow! I was doing a Technorati search to see who is linking here and apparently I missed Spankhortic's post where not only did he award me this certificate of merit, but also had these kind words:

Secondly a fairly new blog Sub Nouveau. Normally I the difference between BDSMy blogs and Spanko blogs to be that the BDSMy
blogs are very serious and the Spanko blogs lean towards the humorous side of
fetish, nothing wrong with either of these approaches I like them both. But this
blog has a BDSMy feel combined with a lot of wit and a sense of humour, perhaps
the lady who writes this is some new super BDSM/Spanko hybrid step on the ladder towards the evolution of a higher form of fetishist or perhaps I am just writing rubbish, either way this is a fine blog.
I must say I am very flattered not only as a sub, but as writer! I think that there is no reason to be always be dark, serious, and angry when dicussing BDSM. I think that is why Teacher and I enjoy each other's company, we laugh around and kid often.

There are those who say that those who are funny often have a dark side to them, and that is definitely the case. Life is not always buttercups and daffodils. I've battled depression for many years, and humor has often kept me from slipping away. Laughing through pain is nothing new to me. This pain I chose through BDSM, though, is a good kind of pain. Not only that, but humor is often reminder not to take yourself so fucking seriously.

My motto has always been "If you can't laugh at yourself, at whom can you laugh?"

Tie me up, spank my ass, fuck me raw but if I queef I'm most certainly going to laugh.



I do like your blog, lifes too short not to have a giggle. First time I have heard the word "queef" makes me wish I had a vagina so I could use this word more lol.