I Have A New Dom

Just when you think I gave up on this, I have some wonderful news! I have a new dom! I guess I should tell you a little about him, as much as he will allow me to share of course. He has read the blog and has encouraged me to keep on writing. I am going to call him "Simon"

Simon closer to my age than any of the others I have mentioned here and that makes for a really good connection as we have a lot in common. I met him on a fetish dating site, he lives pretty close to me which is great. He's very, very tall which being short I greatly adore! I love looking up at a strong man. Yes, he's strong, literally he's ripped but not in a juiced out way, but in a nice sinewy way and has some chest hair which I also just totally love!

What really made me fall into his grasp is his excellent mindfuckery which seemed to start from the moment we first chatted. He has gotten me riled up only to fall back in laughter that I fell for what he said. He's also used this in more seductive situations that I will describe in later posts, for instance he's the first person to hypnotize me!

He is well equipped, and I am  not talking about his dungeon, which does have a nice one in his basement with oodles of toys, spanking bench and a rack. He's a handy guy, so he's building some other stuff for play.

What else is there to tell?  TONS. I just wanted to make this an introductory post about me and my adventures with the incredible Simon


K2 said...

stumbled across your blog quite by accident. You have a new fan! I only hope you keep it up, I have read back quite a few pages and am so excited to read it all. Thank you!!!

Sarah said...

This sounds like it is going to be very interesting! i can't wait to read more..
Mistress Sarah