The Mathematician

"Can you handle it little one?"
"Yesss..." My eyeballs were rolling back in my head. I wasn't sure I could handle it, but I was going to handle it
whether I liked it or not. I'm game for anything, I won't let a little pain stop me on the way to a possible orgasm.
Thing is, I didn't know WHAT I was handling, or moreso how many fingers I was handling until I felt my cunt stretch around the width of
Mark's hand.
It went from a run of the mill pussy eating, to a pretty sweet finger banging ("fanger" as my friend & I used to joke), to getting dry fisted.
Well I was not dry, my pussy was nice and lubed from all the other work, but his hand was bone dry. His hairy knuckles were already deep inside me, I flailed around as my muscles clenched around his digits.
"They don't call it snatch for nothin'" I joked with him later on, "my cunt snatched up your hand!"
The feeling of getting fisted is quite different than getting fucked by a large dick, unless you have had the pleasure of being fucked by a dick with the girth of a deli bologna.
You feel the walls of your vagina being spread and prodded, your g-spot gets kneaded over and over.
Motherfucker is a counter. It drives me crazy. "How many times did you come."
"I don't know."
I didn't. I came at least three times, but when I'm in that multiorgasmal state, I kind of just consider it one big ass orgasm that goes and goes.
"At least three times."
That satisfied him. Hell, I was satisfied. I'm just a writer, not a mathamatician.
"Well, now it is my turn."
My cunt was red and raw from the fisting, but I was more than willing to get fucked by his sweet cock.
I put my legs over his shoulders and he slid his prick into my wet and stretched out pussy. Both of us were dripping wet with sweat. As he fucked my my tits slammed against my face. This happens anytime I get fucked this way.
What was that old joke about Dolly Parton jump roping and getting black eyes, I swear that is going to happen to me one day, or I am going to get smothered to death by my own breasts.
I've meditated on this before, but what the fuck, my two favorite parts of intercourse are the beginning and the end. I love the feeling upon first entry of a dick, and I love the feeling of when my partner cums.
Except I don't count.


Baby said...

So, is this a recollection of a new visit to the disaster area - and did you remember to wear your helmet? LOL "...I swear that is going to happen to me one day, or I am going to get smothered to death by my own breasts. Breastesses." Sometimes I think that a sneeze or cough in a sexy push-up bra can come close to smothering those (I can totally relate to what you wrote, LOL) with an abundance of breastesses!