Give 'Em Enough Rope

"So are you going to beat my ass tonight?" I chided Teacher.
"You have no idea, no idea"
He laughed at the other end of the telephone line.
I cowered. It had been awhile and I had fucked up numerous times. I was in for it.
"When you get home tonight I want you to check your email for instructions."
"Yes sir."
The email instructed me to have all his toys and whatnot ready, for me to be undressed, wearing only heels, the key in the mailbox and to be waiting for him.
I am writing this as I wait for him.
I'm scared shitless.
So I'm kneeling on my cushion waiting for Teacher, my body trembling trying to stay in position and from nerves. I heard the keys rattle in the door, and then I caught a glimpse of Teacher's shoes as he walked toward me and then crouched down to my level. He stroked my hair and moved his hands down my back. I shivered. He layed a big smack on my ass and led me to my room (I'm so tempted to write "chambers" but that would be ridiculous.)

Teacher cuffed my ankles together, and my hands together but did not connect the two. He put my gag in place and my blindfold on. He then had me positioned on my hands and knees with my ass handy for his punishment. Then I felt him tie a piece of rope around my neck.

My immediate reaction was to be fucking terrified. No, this was not cool. I didn't use my safe word, I could of, as it really was fucking with me. I started wimpering. "X..don't you trust me..."
I did, but I didn't trust the rope. I didn't trust myself not to move the wrong way and hang myself. It was a major, major mindfuck and I was not handling it. Teacher loosened the rope, but did not remove it.

That fucking rope dangled from my neck the rest of the night. I felt weak. Scared. Excuse the pun but all my fear was tangled up in that rope.

Of course I came out unscathed, well my neck, my ass was tore up. I have a new found hatred of the crop, but all the power and meaning I transfered to that one peace of cord really got to me.

Fuck you rope!