Spring Fever

If I don't get spanked, laid, bound or any combination of the two in the next couple of days I will spontaneously combust.

Last week and the last couple of days have been a washout. Between last week's awkwardness, the other D/s couple flaking out, and both Teacher and myself having intense business deadlines there has been no time to squeeze in any joint fun. I did go out with some friends on Friday and got my flirt on, but that was that. That usually is enough for me.

I've been told that I am a major flirt by various friends, but I can say I genuinely am not conscious of it when I do it, in fact I was flabbergasted the first time anyone brought it up. I'm just being myself. Once I was having a very animated conversation with two of my guy pals and their coworker, a big lug of a dude. I'll call him Bubba. A major redneck, but hilarious. After he left, I got scolded by my pals. "You need to watch out X!"
"You need to be careful flirting with Bubba."
"I wasn't flirting! What the fuck?"
Neither one of them was able to articulate exactly what I was doing, but according to them I was treading into dangerous waters by merely having a conversation. Mind you these are long time friends and this had never ever happened in the years I had known them, so it sort of startled me.
"I was just being myself."
"Well, be careful."
"Whatever, hand me the bong." I guess I was/am so used to being the only girl around that I took it for granted I was always safe.
Now, there are times when I am very aware of my actions, and those times I sort of enjoy knowing that perhaps I made a deposit in someone's spankbank!

Teacher has sort of planted the seed in my head, well maybe moreso reminded me that I can use my feminine wiles to get what I want. So, I have more so than ever attempted to do as such. For instance, I purposefully got dolled up to get some work done on my car, and sweet talked my way into a nice discount. At one of my multitude of jobs, when dealing with male customers I take every opportunity to bend over, give them a look at my cleavage, bat my eyes, or joke around. Ca-ching!

Guess I got off track, so anyway yes, I need to get laid. The past couple of days from the smell of the grass to the way the air even feels on my arms, it is making me batty. Right now as I write, a storm is approaching, and all I want to do is roll around in the cool sheets with my baby. Is that weird I call my Dom "my baby?" So what.

If things work out as I wish, I'll see Teacher tonight. I watched two really hot clips on Alebeard's blog last night. There was no direct linkback to the post, so go scroll to February 28 "Back From Mexico" as I couldn't embed them. Check them out. I totally dig where he's fucking his sub with the end of the flogger.


MasterABD said...

Funny I was on twitter last night and made a posting about having not been laid in over 1 1/3 years...

I wasn't even thinking about spring being in the air!!