Ain't Nothing Free

Money, it is the bane of my existence. Oh I love to spend it, but it is beyond me to manage it. I've been taught the process of budgeting, saving, etc. numerous times but I still always seem to find a way to slither down into the putrid hole of debt.

As much as I hate being in debt, I hate asking anyone for money. To do so is to admit I'm a fuck-up, if anything admitting it myself. To owe someone you know money is a whole lot different ballgame than say, owing a bank. But desperate times make for desperate measures. One thing I've never done and never wanted to do is to borrow from a boyfriend.

Today I broke my promise to myself.

He sat in the lot of the gas station in his sleek ride, hair in pony tail, cigarette in mouth. I pulled up beside him, happy to see his face, but I considered crawling over to him. I felt too low to walk.

"Here's your money X," he handed over a check to me. As lowly as I felt, I felt utterly thankful that I would be able to pay off the party that was harranguing me. Of course I was still in debt, but now in debt to Teacher. We had already made plans for my repayment out of my next paycheck.

I opened my mouth to thank him, and he snatched the check right out of my hands.

"You thought it was going to be that easy X?"

I was a tad dumbfounded, but mostly scared.

"You're going to learn from this loan my sweet," Teacher exhaled smoke out his window and took a long hard look at me. Me, well I was gnawing at my lip trying not to tear up.

"I now have a mortgage out on your pussy X," he cackled in such a way I was starting to wonder if this was the same Teacher who held me against my door last night and spanked the shit out of me and then cradled me in his arms for the rest of the evening.

I worked up the courage to speak up. "Teacher, I thought we had already made plans for me to pay you back."

"That is true X, but that is in regards to the financial debt. See, you also must repay your debt to me for your utter slackness, I've spend a lot of time trying to train you X, and well I'm very disappointed that you have been so..hmm..sloppy with your finances."

I felt my face break out in the heat of shame.

"I'm so fucking sorry Teacher. Honestly. Sincerely. You have no earthly idea how mortified I am at this moment, much less mortified that I had to even ask you."

"Now I will give you a teeny bit of credit for coming to me first, as your owner you are ultimately my responsibility. Imagine, if you will, a dog that has decided one day they were never housebroken. The owner comes home from work, ready to walk his pet and there on the floor is a sight he has not seen since the dog was a puppy--a big puddle of pee. Now he doesn't even have to say anything to the dog because the dog already knows he was wrong and is cowering in behind the couch. Still, he's pissed off it has been a long day. Now he could do a few things. The dog's master could clean the puddle, reprimand the dog and go on with his evening OR decide that this dog was useless and give him away, despite all the time invested in the training and building of a relationship with that dog."

I still was chewing on my lip. It was increasingly hard to look Teacher in the eye.

"A master worth his salt would keep the dog and figure out the cause of the dog's poor behavior, and strive to correct it. A shitty master would just give up, get rid of the dog and find a new one."

A new dog?! A new sub?! No!

"Teacher I think you are a master worth his salt and I know you wouldn't just toss me out."

"Am I?"

"Yes, you are. I'm not just saying that. I know you believe in me, otherwise you would not have taken me on. Still, I do want you to know that I will do everything I can to rectify my shitty ways."

"Are you truly worth my trouble X?"

"Yes Teacher Sir, I am." I was so humbled, I could barely get my words out.

"Now if that is the case, I think you can start repaying me today."

"But Teacher, I don't get paid till Friday." My quick reply made it seem as if I had not listened, but I did, I was just so nervous. I could see in Teacher's eyes he was getting a bit perturbed. He doesn't hide is irritation very well.

"That is not what I was talking about X, " he said putting his face so close to mine that I instinctively started moving backwards my head almost touching the passenger side window.

As I opened my mouth to reply, Teacher grabbed a fist full of hair.

"THIS is what I was talking about my dear sub," as he spoke he unzipped his jeans and unleashed his cock, which was just as hard and angry as the rest of him, red and purple and veins bulging. He pushed my my head down, his fingers entwined between my brown locks, onto his prick.

I didn't fight it. I'm sure some would, but then we're talking about me, a sub who derives pleasure from being sufficated by cock stuck in her airways.

"You little fucking whore X, you're going to fucking take all of me in that mouth of yours"
He didn't give me a chance to wrap my tounge around the head of his cock because he was fucking my throat, my head banging against the steering wheel, totally oblivious to the fact that we were just in a busy gas station parking lto.
I'd have a second to breath and he'd ram himself right back in. Drool and tears soaked both Teacher's jeans and my chin.
My panties were soaking as well.
"You are going to pay back every fucking dollar X, whore or no whore, you got me?"
I made an attempt at replying which probably sounded like "waawaaawa."
"Got me X?"
"I can't hear you X speak a bit louder!"
"WaWAwaa" it was impossible to speak with cock slamming into my palate.
"Louder X"
"WaWAAAAA" I didn't have to try much longer because he shoved his cock down my gullet and let go a hot stream of cum.

Usually Teacher takes his time on the recovery end of a sex act, but today was not a normal day. He zipped up, handed me the check, kissed me on the forehead and said "Get your ass out of this car and go pay that goddamn bill"
"Yes, Teacher" I obeyed. It if is possible to do the walk of shame in less than five feet, I most certainly did it.

When I got back in my car I looked at the check. In the notes section he put "CMSLT"

Maybe I should have gotten an advance on my taxes.


original erotic fiction by subnouveau based on some reality. some.


Kitten said...

Oh my, how hot and humiliating. Great story...or is it reality?


Mystress said...

I'll second that 'oh my'... sounds like you have some 'interest' to pay to your Teacher.. not just the money that you borrowed.

Hope you enjoy the trouble you've gotten yourself into wee missy.

Enjoy the ride...