Hell in a Handbasket

Whew! You guys don't even know how happy I am to be logged on to here. I had computer problems this week, among others, and it is so nice to be back. This blog means more to me than I realized.

Teacher, God Bless him, has been very sweet and supportive of me today. I HATE haivng to call him up crying. I just have not been myself, and I have been extremely terrified that I'm on the cusp of yet another crippling depressive episode.

Some things haven't totally sucked. We had some good times with the clamps & I'll write them up when I'm functioing. The best time I actually had with him this week was laying on his tummy watching "the Daily Show" and "the Colbert Report." He's very conservative and I'm pretty liberal, so 2008 will be chock full of interesting converstations between the two of us. I'll let him Dom me to his heart's desire, but he can't go with me into the voting booth! I can't lie though, he has rubbed off a teeny tiny bit on me and that freaks me out a tad. I listen to NPR, he watches Fox and listens to the AM assholes. If anything though, he's a good resource as I am teeming with questions about how this and that runs. I know watching TV isn't sexy per se, but getting riled up and fucking is!

Lastly, I finally got all my camera gear and I should have some good pictures to post in the near future.


Curvaceous Dee said...

Welcome back! Fingers crossed that depressive episodes keep their distance, too. *hugs*

xx Dee

Naughty Girl said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with tossing a little political sparing into the mix! I love when my guys says, "You're killin' me!" and then halts any further arguments by covering my mouth with his! Here is to many more riled up fucks! :)