I'm one of those people who laugh at inappropriate times. Besides that, it never fails, a song will pop into my head when it is not the most opportune time.

Tonight Teacher was locking my new wrists cuffs together and damn if a song I used to rollerskate to in jr. high popped into my head "Shackles,"complete with vocoder effects and I just lost it. Lucky for me he's good humored, because we started out pretty heavy, with me in position, naked waiting for his arrival. So as he is locking my wrists together I tried to remember the words "Shackles on my feet won't let me dance..." Not really that appropriate either. Oh but the fun didn't stop there, so he's holding me, my arms are above my head and he starts kissing on my breasts and moving down my torso and his mustache turned into the most intense tickler ever! My cracking up had him cracking up and attempting to tickle me again.

Somehow we got back into the groove though, it wasn't too hard once he held his hand against my windpipe and I was gasping for air. It was obvious that he had retained control. Mind you I had just told him of this freak I read about today in the news who chopped up and ate his girlfriend. Miss Overactive Imagination here was wondering if he thought I'd be good with some salt and pepper.

I was back in my favorite position for him to spank me, which is almost a spooning position. I lay on my side, with my ass facing him, one of his arms is around me and the other one is free to wallop my hide. When we lay lie this, I almost instantly fall into subspace. As he lays on the blows, I hold onto his arm like it is the handlebar on a rollercoaster. Safe is how I feel under the crook of his arm. It is the weird juxtaposition of being both in pain and comfortable that allows me to slide away.

He roused me from my state with several spanks to my pussy, and then started pulling down on my labia. My pussy bat wings. Ha! Still all snuggly next to him I let him poke and probe me, I felt like a beautiful fuckdoll for him to explore. Soon enough his fingers were right on g-spot central and was ramming against his hand with his knee which was oddly intense, then he moved to my clit, moving it between his fingers like a pearl and bringing out some new sounds I didn't know I had the capacity to make.

Sated, I crawled down to his hard cock and put it my mouth, working the shaft with both my tongue and hand. It seemed like so long since I had given Teacher head, that I put all my effort into it, taking as much of him in as I could all the awhile gagging, gasping and drooling. Teary-eyed I got up for some air and he flipped me over on my side and started banging the ever living shit out of me. I love to feel him cum inside me, the initial explosion and subsequent shock waves. Likewise, I like to feel his cum spill out of me, down my legs as we lay there enjoying our blissful states.

I think I'll sleep like a baby tonight.