Upon Being Spanked

After Teacher left my house last night, I reached down to feel my ass. The one cheek that got his wrath, was at least 2x bigger than the other. I wondered if that was the only cheek that every got spanked would I have a lopsided butt?

The reason only one cheek was rosy was because of the way I was laying. I had been snuggling with him moments after an orgasm and clothespins removed from my nipples. My entire house is so fucking cold, so I was hugging him to stay warm, laying on my side, my face towards him.

I guess because of the endorphin rush from the clothespins and orgasms, the pain of the spanking dissapated pretty quickly and I went so deep down in sub space that Iwas on the verge of snoring. Embarrasingly enough, there was drool on my arm when I was brought back to Earth. I remained in the same postion and Teacher kissed and carressed me, and I felt so smitten with him at that moment. It terrifies me sometimes that I feel so strongly for him. Sigh.

PS. I got three booty text messages from this dude at 2 am, 3am and 4 am. I might be a bit of a slut, and a night owl at that, but damn if I'm going to let any dude think that I might possibly want to get out of bed for his dick at that time of day!

(this fucked up formatting is one of the just tiny issues that is being caused by piece of shit computer)

photo from Whipped Ass


Kinky Aoefe said...

I just took off clothespins that had been ordered. I love the feeling when they're on. Although the longer they're there the more it hurts like hell coming off. Small price to pay. *grin*

Your booty call - I'm so with you. No way Jose, not at that time of night.


Clint said...

Great pic wow. Lovely lovely thing to behold the scene of a spanking :)


PS: TY for visiting my page. Question: I have 2 blogs showing and u answered the one about blogsites and that is fine but all 6 ppl that have answered my comments have ALL answered to this blog and NONE have commented on my "Bondage Blog". Does this "Bondage Blog" show?? It feels like it is NOT showing since no one responds to this but some do to the blogsite one u responded to. Do BOTH blogs show?? TY